Chiefs Grade Card – Sept 18th vs. Detroit Lions

Matt Cassel – F

Gunther gets the ol' sweet'n'sticky bath after sticking it to his former team.

Cassel is confirming what I’ve suspected for a long while.  He’s not that good.  Watching the two opposing quarterbacks we’ve played so far has me feeling like a jaded housewife locked into a passionless marriage longing for the strong arms of a Fitzpatrick or Stafford to sweep me away.   In case you don’t get my point, I’d rather have about 28 other league quarterbacks right now over Matt Cassel.

Jamal Charles’ Knee – F

I wish I could blame that damn Lions’ mascot but it appears the injury occurred before he rolled into that silly Lion.  Sadly I would feel a little better if that mascot also tore his ACL.

Dexter McCluster – F

F…is for Fumble.

Thomas Jones – C

Jones ran strong after replacing Charles.  Unfortunately he was a non-factor once the rout was on.

Dwayne Bowe – C

His stats looked good, but too many drops to get a higher grade.  Seemed to lack focus at moments, but who could blame him.  I was looking at Andrew Luck highlights during most of the game.

Rest of Recievers Including The Pope – F

Bowe 101 yards receiving.  Everyone else 32 yards.

Offensive Line – B

Only 1 sack and 3 hits on Cassel and a rushing average of 5.2 ypc.  Not sure what else you could ask for against a tough Detroit defensive line.  The O-line dominated the first two Chiefs drives as we ran the ball all the way down the field.  Surprisingly, this unit has played well so far.  It’s just gone unnoticed because no one else is getting the job done on offense.

Defensive Line – D

Held strong against the run holding Jahvid Best and company to only 3.3 ypc.  But Stafford had all day to throw the ball as there was little pass rush generated from anyone on the defensive line.  No sacks.  No tackles for a loss.

Linebackers – C

The linebackers played okay.  Nothing to get excited about. No big plays. No bad plays.

Secondary – F

No secondary can play well without a pass rush, especially against the Lions’ talented receivers.  Still, I can’t give a higher grade to a unit that gave up 4 touchdowns and almost 300 yards.  I kicked my dog after McGraw’s interception and immediate fumble.  Thanks a lot Jon!  You owe me a 14-year-old cocker spaniel.

Coaching – F

It’s hard to even judge the coaches’ gameplans as nine turnovers in two games throws everything out the window.  What is clear to me is that the Chiefs players are pressing, leading to the ridiculous number of turnovers.  That lack of focus and confidence has to fall back on the coaching staff.  Losing star players is always tough, but the way the Chiefs have reacted to the early season adversity is embarrassing.  Cassel cannot put this team on his back like Aaron Rodgers did for the Packers last year.  The team will only win games taking care of the ball and keeping scores close enough to run.  If Cassel has to continue to throw the ball from behind, the season will be one long blowout.


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