Our fix for conference realingment scheduling concerns

As somebody that is a huge college football fan, I am very weary of how the landscape is changing.  I am however all for super conferences if it means we are going to get a college football playoff, and finally be rid of the BCS.

Here is my proposal about how these super conferences should handle their scheduling. Each 16-team conference should move to a four, four-team pod system, based on regions as much as possible.  I think, that the biggest roadblock in the super conference’s path is the thought that rivalries are going to die and be forgotten. Remember that is on aspect that the failing Big 12 did not take seriously when it formed in 1996? The new Big 10, however, has seen that and make sure that it keeps those rivalry or trophy games intact.  In a given year in conference play a team would play the three teams in its own pod, play another pod and then one team from the remaining 2 pods. They would play a home and home series with that other pod for two years then rotate to another pod.  Each team would play nine conference games. Now in order to determine the conference champion, the fairest way possible is by having a mini-conference tournament over the span of two weeks and should start Thanksgiving weekend.  Each pod would be matched versus another pod based on how they finished first place vs. first place, 2nd place vs. 2nd place, etc. The following week the winners will play the winners and the losing teams will play one another.  The sites for the games could be based on record the first week; if the teams are tied it could be determined by a coin flip. The second week could be the same or be neutral sites. Another possibility is do neutral sites for 1’s vs. 1’s for both weekends for fairness and then do on-campus games for the other games. This scenario would allow a conference to determine its champion the best way possible without being able to schedule every team every season.

Some teams may be required to play teams more than once.

With nine conference games, plus two playoff games this only leaves room for two non-conference games, each team would play 13 games in a season. This would allow for a playoff, which is finally needed in college football, with the changing landscape. The playoff format should have 10 teams, four Super conference champions, which all receive byes, and then six at-large teams. As for the rest of the teams, they can all go to bowls, which will keep the networks happy.

People will argue that no one will watch the bowl games anymore.  My response is, I still watch football so put as much on as possible. Why else do we watch the New Orleans Bowl?


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