Mizzou expected to withdraw from Big 12 Today

Brian Graham, KC SportsNation

Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton will attend the Big 12 Presidents meeting today in Dallas, and is expected to announce Missouri’s conditional withdraw (pending acceptance into another conference) from the Big 12, in person.

Deaton has a good relationship with the other presidents and wants to personally shake hands with them. Deaton worked hard to save the Big 12 and wants to maintain some of the relationships so that they may have a working relationship down the line.

Also, Deaton is a genuinely nice guy and is a class-act and he feels this is something he needs to do face-to-face. If this is the case, kudos to him.

I would like to be in that room.

While nothing is official, YET, Missouri is expected to be the SEC’s 14th team and will be placed in the SEC East with Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and South Carolina and their permanent non-divisional rivalry will be Texas A&M, and not Arkansas as originally thought. This is something Missouri requested to still have a presence in Texas, most notably for recruiting purposes.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Missouri has acquired enough votes from the SEC, first by the Birmingham News’ John Solomon early Saturday morning.

LINK: John Solomon — Birmingham News: Missouri speeds up path to SEC East

Solomon says that I would have been saying all along, “let’s be honest: Missouri would be a contender this season in the weak SEC East.”

On Friday afternoon, Missouri officials announced that Deaton had been given full authority to make decisions regarding Missouri’s conference affiliation.

Looks like that decision will come very soon.

West Virginia now appears to be the Big 12’s top choice as Missouri’s replacement.

“I think that’s accurate,” A Texas official told Kirk Bohls of the Austin American Statesman. “I’d say West Virginia is the leader in the clubhouse. I think we’ll come out better than before. I’d rather be with someone who wants to be with out conference than someone who doesn’t.”

How hypocritical. Remember when Texas was as good as gone — on two different occasions? This isn’t something nice to say about a fellow conference member.

Texas makes me sick, and I certainly won’t miss their pompous ass.

“West Virginia has better football than Missouri, better basketball than Missouri, a better budget than Missouri and more passion among its fans than Missouri,” the “official” said. “They’re better, anyway you turn ’em. The travel’s not good, but that’s it.”

And this is why Missouri has gone too far that it can’t even come back to the Big 12. The rest of the conference has turned their back to them, and I I can’t imagine it being a good atmosphere for Missouri if they stay, at least initially.

But that does not matter, anyway. Its a matter of when, not if for Missouri’s departure.

Stay tuned…


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