Chiefs have a 14.7% chance to win the West

Even after the Chiefs defeated the Chargers on Monday night creating a 3-way tie in the division, most football experts still see the Chargers in the driver’s seat of the AFC West, this includes ESPN’s super duper computers.  Bill Williamson of ESPN crunched the numbers for his AFC West blog projecting the Chargers with 9.2 wins, Raiders 8.7, Chiefs 7.8, and Broncos 4.8.  This gives the Chargers a 50.7% chance to win the division and the Chiefs only a 14.7% chance to win it.  Not sure if the computer is taking Todd Haley’s beard into account.

"14.7% my ass!" says the beard.


Here’s the link to the article.

The Charger’s division to lose?




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