Franklin vs. Gabbert: Is James Franklin better?

This is for all those who say I am a “Franklin apologist,” especially you Heath Cooper and David Harris. LOOK AT THE STATS. Stats don’t lie. They will do the talking. And I don’t want to hear, “what does he do well?” either.


From Dave Matter’s “Behind the Stripes” at

Here’s a side by side comparison of Gabbert’s 2010 numbers compared to Franklin’s through 10 games.





Completion percentage: Gabbert 63.4 … Franklin 63.1
Yards per attempt: Gabbert 6.7 … Franklin 7.6
Passer rating: Gabbert 127.0 … Franklin 139.7
TD to INT ratio: Gabbert 16 to 9 … Franklin 16 to 7
Passing yards per game: Gabbert 245.1 … Franklin 238.1
Rushing yards per game: Gabbert 17.9 … Franklin 63.2
Rushing TDs: Gabbert 5 … Franklin 11
Third-down passer rating: Gabbert 94.2 … Franklin 119.8
Road-neutral site passer rating: Gabbert 119.2 … Franklin 137.5
Thirty-yard completions: Gabbert 10 … Franklin 16

Keep in mind, too, that Franklin has played six opponents that were nationally ranked at the time (Arizona State, Oklahoma, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Texas A&M and Texas) and a seventh team (Baylor) that has been ranked twice this year, compared to Gabbert’s three last year (Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas State). Also, Franklin has yet to play the two worst defenses in the Big 12: Texas Tech and Kansas. By season’s end, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the first-year starter eclipse the first-round draft pick in every passing statistic.


And all the haters out there…What is there to hate? Hmmmmm….

If Missouri wins out, Franklin will finish 8-5, just like Gabbert, and even Chase Daniel did, as a first-year starting sophomore quarterback, and with a much tougher schedule than both. Franklin will be a BETTER college quarterback than Gabbert. FACT.


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