Hate Week News, Notes and Links: 11-24-11

Junior WR TJ Moe has never been shy about displaying his "love" for Kansas.

TJ Moe is in the middle of it again, this year. The outspoken Tiger displays his hatred of KU well, and after his “I hate them…everytime I see a KU shirt I want to burn it” comments last year, he was told to not say much this year, but he still did…

“I don’t like them,” Moe said. “I can’t give them credit for anything. They don’t have an advantage anywhere.”

That quote has some truth to it, as KU will certainly be overmatched in almost every area Saturday, but the junior receiver provides more bulletin board material.

Several Kansas players hada chance to respond, but most passed, except for Kansas linebacker Steven Johnson: “He said that? That just throws a little bit more coal on my fire.”


Moe, when asked about the rivalry said, “I didn’t watch a whole lot of college football growing up, but when I did, it was Missouri-Kansas. It’s a pretty special thing. It’s been so close. It’s almost tied up for the 100-something years we’ve been playing. It’s just fun and something you look forward to. It doesn’t matter if either team is bowl-eligible. We might have both gone winless and this game would still be special. It goes back to the Civil War days when it was a lot more serious than it is now…The one in ’07, the big one, was when I started watching because (former MU corner) Carl Gettis was playing and he was my high school teammate. Everybody knows what kind of game that was. That was kind of the start of, when both teams had great seasons, they started calling it the Border Showdown. That was a big game and a fight for No. 1. We got that safety in the end zone on Todd Reesing, and in 2008 they came back and got us, and thats how rivalry’s supposed to be, back and forth like that. The ’09 game was great, too. We had to win on a last-second field goal.”

When asked his thoughts of the rivalry going away: “I don’t have any control over that. As far as players go, I think both sides would love to play each other. I can’t speak for the administration. I think the administration over there keeps saying it’s done if you’re not going to be in the Big 12 anymore, but I’m sure players on both sides would love to continue the rivalry and we hope to do that.


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