Big 12 QB comparison is no easy task

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I was pondering Big 12 QBs last night and looked up two rankings that I think are important – yards per attempt and interception percentage. Here is what it said. (The Iowa State and Texas QBs didn’t have enough attempts to qualify.)



Griffin 10.83
Weeden 8.29
Jones 8.01
Franklin 7.74
Tannehill 6.96
Klein 6.95
Doege 6.89
Webb 6.70



Griffin 1.63
Doege 1.72
Klein 1.99
Weeden 2.30
Jones 2.61
Franklin 2.83
Tannehill 2.85
Webb 4.27

RG III leads the nation in passing efficiency

Griffin would appear ill with any stats but these show his unique arm strength and accuracy. After that, it appears that you can see where the best WRs reside. How many games did we see Baylor, oSu and OU WRs take 10–15 yard passes for TDs? Griffin’s ability to break the pocket really shows in his high YPA. It doesn’t seem possible that anyone has put up those type of stats that Griffin has. Michael Bishop had a 9.6 and a 1.4%, but he is still out-gained by over a yard.

For the local guys, it doesn’t appear that Webb was better in any area. Of course, when you lose you will throw some interceptions. Franklin shows well here, and is pretty close to Jones – with less-skilled wide receivers and game-breaker sophomores who only play sparingly. Some interesting notes on Franklin is he is extremely resilient and great when the game is on the line. The knock on him is he sometimes is a slow starter. He is also a rhythm passer and that could explain why is clutch when they spread it out and chuck it all over the field. His 10 fourth quarter TD passes set a Mizzou school record and was the nation’s BEST fourth quarter passer. Take those stats for what you will.

Of course, the real reason to look at this is the Honey Badger, Collin Klein. For a QB that had such a difficult time staying healthy, he was pretty careful with the ball. His YPA is really how he should be measured as a passer. K-State’s WRs were worse than Jenks HS, yet his numbers are right there with QBs who throw it a lot. Give him just one game breaker like Quincy Morgan and he is right there with Franklin. Not bad for a guy that is the best running QB who also has bad throwing mechanics and can’t be lifted off the ground with his right arm. Anyone, keep these numbers in mind as you reflect on all these guys throwing for 400–500 yards a game. Klein is closer in efficiency than you would guess.

Brian Graham contributed to this report

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