Chiefs Grades vs Raiders 12/24/2011

This is what I felt like doing after the game…


Cooler heads prevailed.  My in-laws probably would have been pissed.

Coaching – C

The defensive gameplan was good.  They took away the running game of the Raiders and forced Carson Palmer into two interceptions.  If it weren’t for two backbreaking bombs by the Raiders, the 13 points the Chiefs put up would have been plenty.  Chiefs were again able to move the ball both passing and rushing.  However, the red zone woes continued.  The coaching staff has to figure out some better plays to call inside the 10 yard line.  Our offensive line doesn’t get a good push against goal line defenses which was also apparent when we couldn’t gain two inches on a 4th down play.

Kyle Orton – C

So this is why Orton keeps getting traded/released.  Orton has better tools than any QB on the Chiefs roster, but two interceptions when the Chiefs were in scoring position will keep you changing addresses.

Thomas Jones – B

Nice day running the ball.  Has convinced me he may not be ready for retirement after watching him these last few games.

Jackie Battle – B-

Lead the Chiefs in rushing.  Not ever a big play threat, but good for move the chains running…except on that fourth and inches. 

Dexter McCluster – A-

Lead the Chiefs receiving.  Finally broke of a big 50 yard play on a screen pass.  That should be happening more than once a season.  Hopefully that play was a sign of things to come.

Dwayne Bowe – B+

The drops are getting frustratingIn this game it kept a good performance from becoming a dominating, playoff clinching performance

Terrance Copper – B+

Finding his way onto the field as Orton continues to hook up with him.

Steve Breaston – B-

Steady Stevie.

Jonathan Baldwin – D

Non-factor.  Hopefully a full training camp next year will get him ready to break-out next season.

Tight Ends – D


Offensive Line – C

No sacks and 4.5 ypc rushing.  That sounds like A work, but these are the same players that allowed 2 blocked field goals, no push on the goal line, and got stuffed on 4th and inches.

Defensive Line – B

Plugged up those running lanes nicely.  Tyson Jackson especially had a good game with 5 tackles.

Linebackers – B

Stuffed the run, but couldn’t get to Carson.  Coulda used a strip-sack sometime during that game.

Secondary – C

Great. Great. Great. Terrible. Great. Great. Great. Terrible. Game losing field goal.  Do our safeties know their position title has a meaning?  And it’s not to perpetually back pedal so you can smile at the receivers as they run past you.

Special Teams – F

Two blocked FGs.






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