Mike Alden’s open letter to Mizzou fans

A lot of things happening at Mizzou: new conference, new turf, stadium realignment and unveiling of new uniforms.

Alden addressed all of this – and more in a letter to fans today.

Some of the highlights:

Football ticket prices will increase across the board, minus faculty/student seating

The Band will move from its traditional location in the south end zone to the southeast corner of the student section.

The field turf will be replaced this simmer, costing $1.5 million. The new turf will also bring a bigger Tiger head logo at midfield and end zone changes – Mizzou, instead of Missouri.

With the move to the SEC, the visiting team allotment will increase to 6,000 from 3,800. Also, Alden reminds fans that SEC rules prohibit fans from leaving and re-entering. Once in the stadium, fans cant leave and re-enter.

Alden reminds fans that new uniforms will be unveiled April 14, 2012, with changes to ALL of its Nike branded sports with a unifying “Mizzou gold” and new fonts. The uniforms will also feature much more of Tiger head logo and less of the “block M” and some shades of grey.

See the letter in its entirety here:


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