Nike launches NFL uniforms; Seahawks undergo major overhaul (upgrade?)

Nike launched its NFL uniforms today. Most teams have minimal changes, except for the major changes to the Seattle Seahawks uniforms, who can never seem to look good.

Dwayne Bowe modeled the Chiefs uniforms and said “they feel great, I could wear them all day.”

Notice a small change to the sleeve stripes:

New Shoes…

The new NIKE uniforms feature the newest in uniform technology, including the lightest fabric.


Here are all 32 teams:

No team underwent a bigger transformation than the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks have an interesting look that is somewhat reminiscent of the Oregon Ducks.

The primary color for the home jersey is navy blue, but the shocking, lime-green color plays a prominent role as well. In addition to that, the numbers appear to be textured which makes them stand out.

The Seahawks’ previous jerseys were nothing to write home about, so I would call the new Nike jerseys an improvement even though they are still hideously ugly. Maybe they’ll grow on me. It might take some time to get used to them, but they have a fun, modern look.

Alternate grey jersey:

Notice they checkered design, also like Oregon’s silver helmets, on the helmet.

Some other notable changes is the Broncos bringing back the orange tops as their primary home jersey:

A subtle change was made with some gold on the shoulders and it brings the Saints look together:

I don’t know what it is, but something about the Rams uniforms looks different. Maybe there is a darker blue that makes the gold pop on the uniform and especially on the helmet.

For Tampa Bay, the jersey looks the same essentially, but the helmet seems to be a bit darker, making the uniform standout.


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