Border War dies in Lawrence as Mizzou wins 6-3; continues KansASS dominance with ANOTHER Border Showdown Series win

The Border War quietly rode off into the sunset last weekend in a three-game, season-ending series in Lawrence.

The Tigers 6-3 win, their only in the series, was the last regularly scheduled contest between the rivals (NOTE: Mizzou and Kansas are both in the same hockey conference, but are both considered Division 2 and are NOT part of the Border War Showdown Series). Kansas gained a point in the standings, but easily lost, 31-8. In fact, Kansas, who did not register its first win in the series this year until Jan. 15’s women’s basketball win in Columbia, was done following Missouri’s three-game softball sweep of the Gayhawks on March 21, as Missouri led 21-4 with just 14 points remaining.

Wed. Oct. 12 Volleyball Columbia, Mo. MU, 3-1 1.5
Fri. Oct. 21 Soccer Columbia, Mo. MU, 3-2 3.0
Sat. Oct. 29
Big 12 Championship

Men’s Cross Country

College Station, Texas MU, 6th 1.0
Sat. Oct. 29
Big 12 Championship

Women’s Cross Country

College Station, Texas MU, 4th 1.0
Wed. Nov. 2 Volleyball Lawrence, Kan. MU, 3-1 1.5
Fri. Nov. 11 Women’s Swmming & Diving Lawrence, Kan. MU, 185-102 1.5
Sat. Nov. 26 Football Kansas City, Mo. MU, 24-10 3.0
Sun. Jan. 15 Women’s Basketball Columbia, Mo. KU, 72-63 1.5
Sat. Feb. 4 Men’s Basketball Columbia, Mo. MU, 74-71 1.5
Sat. Feb. 18 Women’s Basketball Lawrence, Kan. MU, 70-65 1.5
Sat. Feb. 25 Men’s Basketball Lawrence, Kan. KU, 87-86 (OT) 1.5
Fri.-Sat. Feb. 24-25
Big 12 Championship

Men’s Indoor Track & Field

College Station, Texas MU, 8th 1.0
Fri.-Sat. Feb. 24-25
Big 12 Championship

Women’s Indoor Track & Field

College Station, Texas KU, 3rd 1.0
Wed.-Sat. Feb. 22-25
Big 12 Championship

Women’s Swimming & Diving

Columbia, Mo. MU, 3rd 1.5
Fri. Mar. 16 Softball Columbia, Mo. MU, 10-0 (6) 1.0
Sat. Mar. 17 Softball Columbia, Mo. MU, 5-0 1.0
Sun. Mar. 18 Softball Columbia, Mo. MU, 9-0 (6) 1.0
Fri. Apr. 13 Women’s Tennis Columbia, Mo. MU, 4-3 3.0
Fri.-Sun. Apr. 27-29
Big 12 Championship

Men’s Golf

Trinity, Texas MU, 8th 3.0
Fri.-Sun. Apr. 27-29
Big 12 Championship

Women’s Golf

Lawrence, Kan. MU, 9th 3.0
Fri.-Sun. May 11-13
Big 12 Championship

Men’s Outdoor Track & Field

Manhattan, Kan. KU, 8th 1.0
Fri.-Sun. May 11-13
Big 12 Championship

Women’s Outdoor Track & Field

Manhattan, Kan. KU, 2nd 1.0
Thu. May 17 Baseball Lawrence, Kan. KU, 1-0 1.0
Fri. May 18 Baseball Lawrence, Kan. KU, 6-3 1.0
Sat. May 19 Baseball Lawrence, Kan. MU, 6-3 1.0
Wed.-Sun. May 23-27
Big 12 Championship


Oklahoma City, Okla. 0.5
Mizzou Clinches TOTALS 3.0 0.5 31.0 8.0

Mizzou, who has won six straight in the series, has dominated the series all-time, winning 8 of 10.

Year Winner Points
2011-12 Mizzou 31-8
2010-11 Mizzou 23-16
2009-10 Mizzou 23-16.5
2008-09 Mizzou 23-17
2007-08 Mizzou 24-15
2006-07 Mizzou 25-14
2005-06 Kansas 23-17
2004-05 Mizzou 22.5-17.5
2003-04 Kansas 21.5-18.5
2002-03 Mizzou 32-8.5

And, just like that, it is over. Now, the M&I Border Showdown Series trophy and the Marching Drum and Lamar Hunt (football) trophies, are forever ours…or at least, until the rivalry resumes, which will be sometime down the road. How soon? I don’t know. I would think sooner rather than later. At this point, Missouri fans, there is no reason to waste any more energy of KansASS. Mizzou is going to play who they are going to play. So is Kansas. The second-longest (longest west of the Mississippi) running rivalry in football is now over.

Speaking of that, I will get one last word in on KU. Their hypocrisy continues. And no matter anyone else says, Missouri secession to the south has nothing to do with the ending of the rivalry. KU’s butt hurt does. Eventually, they will get over it, but until then, they will continue to make excuses. KU says the rivalry belongs in the Big 12. Missouri is adamant on wanting to continue playing in ALL sports. Yet, Kansas will play Colorado- WHO ALSO LEFT THE CONFERENCE – in a home and home series in basketball. Wait, what?

So long, douches. Your hypocrisy can only go so far.

Yes, that was a Doc Holliday line from one of the greatest movies ever, Tombstone. I will use the greatest line from that movie to sum up how I feel about Kansas:


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