College Football Playoffs!!! NCAA have you been reading my diary?

Yes it is true and it is officially here.  College football will now be settled by a 4-team playoff and while it won’t totally eliminate all controversy, it definitely feels a whole lot better.  So here’s what we know so far:

  • The championship game will be bid on like the Superbowl or Final Four.
  • The semi-final games will be rotated amongst the current BCS bowls.
  • The 4 teams will be chosen by a selection committee.

Like I said, this new playoff system won’t eliminate controversy.  There will be plenty of years where the difference between the #4 and #5 teams is miniscule.  And watch all the critics cry foul when three SEC teams make it into the playoffs, which is bound to happen.  But that kind of controversy I can live with, because whoever wins that 4-team playoff will have earned it.



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