Moe, Pinkel and Mizzou take in first SEC Media Days with chip on shoulder (links)

The SEC Media Days have come and gone, but the legend that is TJ Moe, will live forever.

When the senior Mizzou wide receiver took the podium, the SEC media was in for a treat. Ten minutes later, they gave Moe a standing ovation. AT A PRESS CONFERENCE.

And, forever Moe, already a Mizzou True Son legend, was etched in SEC lore by being the only person to receive a standing ovation in SEC Media Days history.

Moe stole the show, wowing the media with awesome comments such as:

“The air is warmer, the girls are prettier and the toilet paper is thicker,” when asked the difference between the SEC and the Big 12 so far.

“The Southeastern Conference isn’t really southeastern,” Moe added. “We’re about as Midwestern as it gets. We’re the gateway to the west and we’re hanging out in the Southeast somewhere. This is like the bottom-right fourth conference. That’s what it is when you draw a line? People get confused with directions.”

Moe, though, got real serious when the questions about how good the SEC defenses are continued.

“I don’t think we’re 5-year-old kids running around without a helmet. I think we can compete,” Moe said. “You’ve got quarterbacks who are always up for Heisman in the Big 12, and that’s not always true about the SEC. Part of that is due to the fact that SEC defenses are better. It’s also due to the fact that Big 12 offenses are quite a bit better.”

Moe added: “The Big 12 plays their best players on offense, while the SEC plays theirs on defense. It is not a big deal. We’ll score points no matter what league we are in. We have just as many athletes as the rest of the league, that’s a fact. If you look at them, their fastest players and their guys who are the strongest, some of them could be playing receiver and making the same kind of plays. (Former Missouri wide receiver) Jeremy Maclin probably could have been a real good defensive back, but now he’s All-Pro playing receiver. Pick your poison…we have plenty of poison to offer.”

Pinkel, too, became irritated – and he should. The Tigers, under his leadership, has won eight games six years in a row (it had been done just six times in 36 years previously) – one of just nine programs to do so. If you can do that and if you can win consistently in the Big 12, you can do the same in the SEC. The Big 12, albeit different, is a damn good league. Sure, most years the SEC is better, but they are like 1A and 1B, not a major separation like everyone down here in the Confederacy thinks. It is not like Mizzou is going from JV to Varsity – and yes, that question was asked.

“We are excited about being at our first SEC Media Days and we are excited about being part of this league,” Pinkel declared. “We are going to have to go out and earn respect, but we shouldn’t have to. We have been pretty good in a pretty good league already, so its no major change. We’ll just go out and play. We’ll do what we always do. We believe in what we do…it’s not like we have been playing against high school kids the last few years. We have been playing big time Division 1 football like the rest of this league.”

Well said, coach. I like all the naysayers though; it will give Mizzou a chip on their shoulder. Mizzou is always dangerous when they are overlooked.


It’s curious that Missouri spent a lot of time defending the league it left to qualify how good it has been.

A friend, who wishes to remain nameless, said to me, “The Big 12 is like the ex-girlfriend. Sure, you didn’t thinks she was all that great at the time, but now that you have a new one who talks bad about her, you defend her. She wasn’t all that bad.”

Great analogy. Missouri had some great times in the Big 12. It is also a good league. Missouri shouldn’t have to explain itself to the SEC or defend its former league, but it found itself doing just that. The SEC is a GREAT league, but the arrogance of the fan base clouds their judgement, blurring reality and fantasy. Different styles? Sure. A huge separation between the two leagues? Absolutely not. Miniscule at best.


Have no fear, Missouri fans, James Franklin is ahead of schedule. Pinkel said the junior quarterback, who just missed a 3,000, 1,000 season last year, is throwing a football. Moe said Franklin is leading drills, but “there’s no reason to push it.”

Moe also added that the No. 1 recruit in the nation Dorial Green-Beckham is “the most humble kid we have” and compared him to LeBron James, “Well, if LeBron James lost about 40 pounds, that’s what he’d look like. He does things you don’t see people that big do. He’s 6-foot-6, 220 pounds (and) he’ll run by somebody, they can’ catch him, and you’ll think the guy overthrew him and he’ll go up and get the ball. He can do things like that that’s really not very common…and he’s just a freshman.”
Moe said DGB isn’t the only freshman catching his eye.
“Sean Culkin, he’s a tight end, a guy that I think can help us this year,” Moe said. “(Receiver) Levi Copelin, (Lee’s Summit West OL) Evan Boehm has caught my eye. (Running back) Russell Hansbrough – he reminds me of Henry (Josey) a little bit – little, compact and fast…Mike Scherer the linebacker, (John) Gibson, the kid from Texas, he reminds me of E.J. Gaines when he was a freshman, the plays he’s been making out there. I think he’ll be good, too. I’m probably missing one or two, but those are the guys I’m seeing right now.”
Joining the Mizzou contingent was Gaines, a junior cornerback, and sixth year senior left tackle Elvis Fisher.
Fisher also praised the freshmen class, saying they are the hardest working group he has seen, then singled out Boehm, who he said has shown good footwork and strength, Culkin’s athleticism and Staley running back Morgan Steward is a “pretty strong kid” – noting that Steward has already tested at a “SEC-standard” in the hang clean in MU’s offseason weight program, which is “no small feat.”
Fisher, a Florida native, never thought he would be playing in his home state (Nov .10 @ Florida) in an SEC game, was granted a sixth year following a knee injury just weeks before the season opener last August in fall camp.
“I’m ready to play football,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever been 100 percent to be honest…I’m ready to go.”
“There’s going to be a lot of doubters out there until we play our first game,” Gaines, the first junior Pinkel has ever brought to conference media day and an all-Big 12 performer last year. “I don’t know why there wouldn’t be.”

“It’s gonna be crazy,” Gaines said of the Georgia game – the SEC opener for Mizzou on Sept 8 in Columbia. “I can already tell. You can already tell kind of the vibe around campus. I think it’s gonna be something we’ve never seen before going into a game like that. I’m glad it’s at home.”

The SEC media has even switched their tone as of late. First, our offense couldn’t handle the defenses of the SEC. Now, after the offense has been hyped, all of a sudden, its the defense that hold back Mizzou.

Only time will tell how Mizzou will fare against the defensive-strong SEC. They did pretty damn well in the Big 12.
“That’s going to be a big story: Our offense against these great SEC defenses,” Pinkel added.


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