Chiefs Win First Pre-Season Game, So What?

So this…

  • While a pre-season win itself may not mean much, coming out and playing well, looking prepared, and gaining confidence does mean a whole lot.
  • Matt Cassel looked comfortable.  He didn’t blow me away with any plays, but it was clear he knew where he was supposed to go with the ball and executed consistently on two good drives.
  • The Chiefs will be able to run the ball this year.  Our offensive line looked dominant and the depth chart appears deep at RB.  This is important for the Chiefs as they will be most successful this year when they can control the clock and keep the defense rested.
  • Speaking of the offensive line…what a difference a year makes.  All of a sudden I’m hearing comparisons to the O-Line glory days of Willie Roaf, Will Shields and company.  While its just one pre-season game, this unit is no longer a liability and has the potential to become great this season.
  • Speaking of the running game…Jamaal Charles looked quick and took some hits.  That’s all I needed to know.  He’s gonna be fine.  Peyton Hillis looked awesome running, catching, blocking.  Throw in some nice runs from Cyrus Gray and a tickle in my shorts and we have something to work with.
  • Dexter McCluster looked like a slot receiver and not a gimmick.  With our backfield depth I’d prefer to see McCluster develop as a slot receiver who can do a lot of damage after the catch on short throws.
  • The defense looked strong although the Cardinals offense won’t be scaring anybody this season.  Still, KC defenses from the past have allowed worse QBs than John Skelton to put on a show against them.  But not last night.
  • Dontari Poe didn’t do much to stand out.  It appears Anthony Toribio will start the season at NT.  Toribio looked the part last night providing consistent push up the middle and making an outstanding play splitting a double team and making the tackle for a loss.
  • All the linebackers were flying around making plays, especially Javon Belcher who seemed to be everywhere early on.
  • Even without Flowers, the pass defense was good.  Eric Berry made some plays and appears ready to go.

Overall the team looked ready.  That may not mean much until you think back to last year at this time.  We looked terrible in the pre-season and that spilled over into the regular season.  So far this year’s team looks prepared and focused and if that spills over into the regular season, anyone who faces off against the Chiefs this year are gonna have a fight on their hands.


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