Projected SEC standings


In two days, Mizzou plunges into the SEC. League starts tonight right off the bat as Vandy host South Carolina in an SEC East showdown.

Here are our projected records and standings of the SEC entering the season:

SEC West W L W L
LSU 10 2 6 2
Alabma 10 2 6 2
Arkansas 9 3 5 3
Auburn 8 4 4 4
aTm 6 6 4 4
Ole Miss 6 6 2 6
Miss State 6 6 2 6
SEC East
South Carolina 10 2 7 1
Georgia 10 2 6 2
Florida 7 5 4 4
Mizzou 8 4 4 4
Vandy 6 6 3 5
Tennessee 5 7 2 6

By our projections, 13 of the 14 SEC teams will be bowl eligible, but it is possible that the SEC will not have a team playing for the national title.

We expect to see a LSU-South Carolina SEC title game. The winner could possibly have an outside shot at playing for a right to give the SEC their 7th straight title.



  1. Justin Rhodes

    After watching the USC/Vandy game, unless they improve a bunch, there’s noway in hell that USC wins the East.

    Their defense, especially pass rush, was very good early in the game but they got tired. Mizzou’s hurry up offense will gas them in a hurry.

    Thier passing offense looked god awful, stop the run and make Uncle Rico beat you through the air.

    I guess I’m much more optomistic about Mizzou’s chances at USC than I was before seeing them play. I had that one chalked up as a loss, but I’m not ready to concede that one now!!

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