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Tom Hanken, KC SportsNation

Uniforms:  I like the different uniform variations that schools are attempting to do.  However, I do not think this for everybody. Some schools (Oregon, Virginia Tech, Missouri) have carved themselves a very nice niche of changing uniforms multiple times a year.

Some schools just do not need to do it.  Their uniforms are ionic enough that the change is not necessary.  These schools are USC, Alabama, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, to name a few, do not need to join the uniform race.  Leave the uniform game to the rest of the country and stick to your ionic tradition rich uniforms.

Penn State’s loss was bittersweet.  I like Frank Solich and I am glad to see him get the win but the loss keeps Penn St in the headlines, even if it was their 114th loss in a row.  I cannot wait for the day the Paterno family stays quiet and Penn St is stays out of the headlines.

Will the real Taylor Martinez stand up?  If Martinez can be this productive every week, Nebraska will win the Big Ten.

Big Blew it!  Would Michigan be ranked so highly and be a preseason darling if a Hokie walk-on kicker could have made a field goal?  Dennard Robinson is showing his true one dimensional colors.

Why does Bob Stoops have so many critics yet, Mack Brown has so few?  Brown seemingly gets a free pass every season and Stoops gets labeled for not winning more.  Brown gets the first pick of the talent rich pool of Texas High School players.  Those that cover Texas recruiting will have you believe that Oklahoma and others get Texas’ leftovers at the recruiting table.  Even with all of his recruiting abilities Brown still cannot seem to land a reliable quarterback and has started down a path of mediocrity.  The last two seasons Texas is 13-12, Oklahoma is 22-5.  Stoops is getting all of the criticism and Brown’s recruiting leftovers.  He must be getting Brown’s wins as well.

Why is tonight’s Missouri-Georgia game the measuring stick for Missouri’s SEC success?  It seems that many people, including MU fans, are hanging their hats on this game to prove that they belong in the SEC.  I believe that if MU can stay healthy and match the physicality of the SEC this year should be relatively successful for them.  Until then, time should be the only measuring stick for Missouri’s success in the SEC.

I like the new playoff format.  I do think that it should and will be successful.  I think one change could be made that would make it even more successful.  Conferences should eliminate division champions for choosing the participants for their conference championship game.  Keep the divisions for scheduling purposes, but make the championship games between the top two finishers of the conference.  The championship games should be a true 1 vs 2 within the conference.  The winners would then be available for the playoffs, making the conference championship mandatory for making the playoffs.  The playoffs could then take the top 4-6 teams for its playoffs according to the polls.

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