Ohio State-Michigan State videos: eye-gouging and unconciousness

Two great videos from Ohio State’s 17-16 win over Michigan St. Saturday in what appears to be developing into a pretty nice rivalry.

The Buckeyes reportedly have sent a video to the Big Ten of what they believe is Michigan State offensive lineman Jack Allen intentionally poking Ohio State defensive lineman Johnathan Hankins in the eye while both are at the bottom of a pile. This coming off the heels of Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis and Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith settling a dispute about a “doctored” video.

Here’s the video; judge for yourself.

Certainly doesn’t look like an accident.

Here is another video from the game. Michigan State DE William Gholston, brother of former Ohio State DE Vernon Gholston, is knocked out cold.

He returns the next possession in a seemingly classless move after the Mich St. staff said he had the wind knocked out of him. I don’t know about you, but I have had the wind knocked out of me and have never been knocked out cold or seen anyone else go “night-night” from it.


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