An Alabama White Trash Christmas

There are Christmas gifts. Then there are these.

Courtesy of Busted Coverage.

Above, you see the @jordanpmitchell family Christmas card photo. Nothing says season’s greetings like a couple of shotguns.

As for normal gifts:

The Bama onesie.



 Bama mom @julieonssi got a license plate cover from Santa.

Picture 5

 Santa brought @kristen_is Bama jeans.

Picture 6

 In the Bama food department, the Christmas gift of the year was received by @littlewood112‘s brother.

Yes, that’s a Bama toaster that burns an A into your toast.


Yes, there is Bama peanut butter and jam and one guy got this crazy Bama gift pack.

(via @TheBrianFikes)



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