Source: Bill Polian and Tony Dungy to be next Chiefs GM, Head Coach

Merry Christmas Chiefs fans, from Clark Hunt.

Well, maybe.

According to a good source inside Arrowhead that has seen Bill Polian with Clark Hunt with his “own eyes,” if Polian wants the Chiefs General Manager job, it is his. Polian, the former GM of the Indianapolis Colts, would bring his long-time coach Tony Dungy back to KC as the head coach and his son Chris would be the VP and take over when Bill retires.


The source also indicates that MOST of the current staff has already cleaned out their offices and three assistant coaches have been told not to make the trip to Denver and that Norv Turner will be the offensive coordinator and Dom Capers the new defensive coordinator. Now, for these two, I’m a bit more skeptical. Turner is currently the head coach at San Diego, and although he is expected to be fired, his committal to a lesser job right off the bat is questionable at best. That said, the ship on him being a head coach has sailed. Capers, is the current defensive coordinator for the Packers, a team that will be a Super Bowl contender every year for the foreseeable future, so why would he leave? $$$? Capers’ name is also out there as a potential head coach if Dungy elects to stay retired, which would be a God awful hire. He is 48-80 in eight years as a head coach at Carolina and Houston, where he made the playoffs once, advancing to the NFC Championship game at Carolina in 1996 after winning the NFC West.

The source is a good source, but like anything else, Polian may or may not accept the job, and the same goes for Dungy.

But, if this does come to fruition, wow. Another Festivus Miracle!


Dungy was a defensive backs coach in KC under Marty Schottenheimer from 1989-91, before moving on to Minnesota to be the defensive coordinator under Dennis Green before turning around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, then the Colts. Dungy has been out of coaching since 2009.

Polian was the General Manager in Buffalo from 1986-1993, where he took over a team that was coming off back-to-back 2-14 seasons. Polian won the NFL Executive of the Year Award twice in 1988 and in 1991. He was fired following three straight Super Bowl losses. Two seasons later, he was the GM of the Carolina Panthers for four seasons through 2007, where Capers was his head coach. He then moved on to Indianapolis, where he was President and eventually Chris was the GM. Polian was fired by owner Jim Irsay after the Colts finished with a 2–14 record in the 2011-2012 season, where Peyton Manning missed the season with injury, which begs the question, were Dungy and Polian as good as their QB was?

Stay tuned.



        • It would be a stretch to take Geno – or any other QB – No. 1, but would Chiefs fans be irate that it happened after years and years of not doing so despite the need? Personally, I think the Chiefs take best available at top spot, probably a DT (move Poe to DE to replace Dorsey, he is athletic enough) and take a QB with top pick of second round, could still be a lot of value there.

          • bossmanham

            The need so far outweighs this myth of ‘value’ in terms of a QB in the draft that it’s not even funny. We need the QB. We have to take the QB.

          • Brian Graham

            The need so far outweighs this myth of ‘value’ in terms of a QB in the draft that it’s not even funny. We need the QB. We have to take the QB.

            I agree, Brad. Just telling you what I think they’ll do. There will be some good QB’s, such as Georgia’s Murray, in the second round.

  1. Chiefs Fan

    Maybe if we create enough of these fake stories they will come true. Let me guess Dungy has been shopping for real estate in the KC area. Dungy isn’t coming back to coaching. And there’s a fairly good chance that Pioli comes back.

    • Justin

      You are a tool, can you read? The story clearly said that Polian is top choice, but if Polian accepts or declines the job is the real question. It is 100% FACT that Polian met with Hunt in Arrowhead stadium.

  2. Brian Graham

    First off, this isn’t a fake story. There is not one mention of this being FACT in the story. I cited a source. Sources can be wrong, and are a lot. I consider this a good source. Doesn’t mean it will happen. Do you see SOURCE SAYS in the title? When will readers understand that when someone mentioned a source says in a story that it is not proven fact?

      • Brian Graham

        That is why the title includes “source says.” I dont see what is so hard to understand about that. Not referring to you, but just everyone in general.

        If it was backed up by fact, it would be: BREAKING: Polian and Dungy next Chiefs GM and coach.

        See the difference?

        • jeff

          Excellent point . Thanks for the source information , it give us Chiefs fans a little insight on where the team might be headed.

    • Steve Ketcham

      While I may believe your source saw Clark and Polian together, that’s where it had to end. Did the source talk to Polian about coaching thoughts and VPs. And if this is the choice and Chris is going to be given the job when Bill steps down in a couple of years then it seems based on what is being said in Indy that this too will fail.

      • Lets face the facts. The Polian’s were fired in Indianapolis because Peyton got hurt. It wasn’t because of the 2-14 season, either, but because they wanted to bring him back the following season, while Iraay wanted a new QB. Polian succeeded in Buffalo so he is a proven winner, although having Peyton Manning would make anyone a winner.

  3. Jerry

    This seems pretty fanciful. My sources say this is nonsense. Basically and all star cast would coach/gm in KC? Polian/Dungy/Turner/Capers? That is a Hall of Fame lineup and highly highly unlikely.

    Could it happen? I guess, sure. But especially since two of those guys are already under contract with teams – this source seems pretty out there with his info.

  4. A lot of people struggle with the whole “a source says” and writing an article stating something as fact.

    Saying that you have a source at Arrowhead that is telling you something does not mean that it is confirmed as a done deal. In fact, as you state in the article, even if Clark Hunt wants Bill Polian, Polian would still have to take the job. He may very well say no.

    It’s not like you are saying this is a done deal. I think people don’t even read half of what is written. They just see Bill Polian, Chiefs, Tony Dungy, and they assume that you are reporting “Bill Polian is the Chiefs next GM, Dungy next head coach” as fact.

  5. chris

    Hey I would love the polian hire, but I’m pretty al sure dungy is done… besides that was peyton’s team… As far as a qb goes we better not take G Smith first overall. I think it would be better to keep quinn for1 more year and trsde to the bottom of the first round with an additional third rounder. We are going to suck agsin anyway, might as well be picking high in a draft with good qbs like johnny football next year.

  6. Joe Dahlin

    Get prepared to take 5 more years of losses gettting crushed by new up and coming teams like Seattle, Houston etc. We’re still in trouble. we need everything Dungy is a nice guy but weak.

    • Brian Graham

      Id be perfectly fine with this. Take best available in the first round – hopefully first pick – and get Murray in second.

  7. Bob

    I’ve got two words for Clark Hunt,(Marty Schottenheimer)he is a great coach and would make a great GM let him hire a new coach(Bill Cowher).

  8. Luke McVicker

    chiefs have no choice but to draft a quarterback #1 dont trade out of it get your quarterback and bring in a qb and let them battle it out in training camp. geno and whoever. if the chiefs dont they will be in the same place that they have been in the past 30 years

    • Brian Graham

      I agree Luke, but since there are not any sure No. 1 and top QB’s like last year, there is plenty of value in getting a QB in the top pick of the second round.

  9. Hey Luke McVicker: I heard on Bob Fescoe’s facebook timeline blog about the vicious rumor that you spread about Bill Polian, and Tony Dungy, it’s not true it’s false even though I’m not on Twitter even Dungy said on Twitter that’s he’s not going back to coaching even if the Chiefs wanted to pursue both Polian and Dungy, I’d be against bringing both Polian and Dungy. What we do need is get Ted Sundquist, former Denver GM and make him the new Chiefs GM and for head coach hire either Bill Cowher or Brian Billick. You see Polian, is too much like Carl Peterson and Dungy is too much like Herm Edwards and I do not like the Cover 2. We used it under both Dick Vermeil when he had Greg Robinson, as DC and Vermeil and Herm wouldn’t let Gunther use the 46 defense and they both made him run the Cover 2 and look what happened? We became last in the NFL in total defense Clark Hunt I’d say no to Polian and Dungy and say yes to Sundquist for GM and either Cowher or Billick, those are my thoughts about my take on the rumor about Polian and Dungy.

    • Also for quarterback the Chiefs need to consider drafting Tyler Wilson from Arkansas he would be perfect for the Chiefs instead of Geno Smith or perhaps trading their very first pick for a late round 1st pick and use it for Tyler Wilson , who’s a late 1st rounder early 2nd rounder this would be something to consider.

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