With the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Chiefs select…?

Its an hour and a half until the Chiefs are officially on the clock with the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Who is it going to be?

Well, of course in typical Kansas City fashion, the year that one of our team’s have the top pick in the draft – it’s the worst draft class in 8-10 years (ala when Luke Hochevar was picked No. 1 overall by the Royals).

After weeks, even months, of experts predicting it will be Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel, it now appears it may be a lesser-known LT – Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher. Reports indicate that the Chiefs – if they do not trade out of the No. 1 spot – have already decided who that No. 1 pick is, and fingers are pointing to Fisher. And, with Fisher’s name as the top pick being leaked, it would make sense to gather that trading out of the top pick would seem rather unlikely.

Why all of a sudden Fisher?

PQHUQYURQEHDGVV.20120821190805Recently, I thought the Chiefs would draft Fisher if franchise-tagged Brenden Albert was not traded to the Dolphins, because he is more athletic and more suited to move over to the right side for one year to accommodate Albert still being here. He is also a nasty run blocker.

Joeckel, on the other hand, is a left tackle and nothing else.


Albert has already stated that he will not move over to the right side. If Albert were to be traded prior to the draft – if the Chiefs and Dolphins could agree to a deal (reportedly, Albert and the Dolphins have agreed to terms, but now it is up to the Chiefs and Dolphins to do the same. The Dolphins want the Chiefs to take the 54th pick for Albert – plus a later round pick or conditional pick for 2014 – but the Chiefs want the No. 42 pick. Now, it appears the deal is on hold until after the first round is over as the two sides want to see how the first round evolves.

Personally, if I were picking, I’m taking Joeckel. He has played against some of the nation’s best, while Fisher has played some decent competition in the MAC. If there is no real difference between the two, that is the tie-breaker for me.

Will the Chiefs fool everyone and take someone else? It’s time to sit back and wait.



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