Royals name KC legend George Brett “interim” hitting coach, send Maloof & David to minors (thank God!)


“We’re going to have to make some changes,” Royals manager Ned Yost declared last night after the Royals blew a 3-1 lead in losing to St. Louis for the third time in a row, extending the losing skid to eight games – the 12th loss in 13 games and the 19th in 23, 26 days after being in first-place.

Fourteen hours later, the last-place Kansas City Royals front office made both a much-needed coaching move and a brilliant PR move.

As the season quickly and painfully swirls the drain and fans flee the carnage, GM Dayton Moore announced that he was demoting the clubs hitting coaches Jack Maloof and Andrew David to “minor league duties” and bringing in the greatest hitter to ever wear Royal Blue, Hall-of-Famer George Brett to fill the vacancy, in the interim along with Pedro Grifol. But who cares about Grifol (whoever the hell that is) because GEORGE F^%#@^ BRETT is the new hitting coach!

“Obviously things have not gone as we would have expected, and in light of the downturn in offensive production and poor results, we’ve decided to make a change,” said Royals general manager Dayton Moore.

Brett, who is adored by Royals fans as a reminder of the days when the team wasn’t fighting for fourth place in the division, has held the position of Vice President of Baseball Operations since his retirement in 1993. Today it becomes clear why they kept him on the payroll for the last 20 years. He’s been their ace-in-the-hole; the only thing the organization has that can squash a PR nightmare of this magnitude. The most talented and highly anticipated, not to mention most expensive, Royals team since Ronald Reagan was President and Miami Vice graced the airwaves of NBC, was crumbling before our eyes. Losing eight in a row and 19 of their last 23 after starting strong and building excitement, was even more devastating to the fans than previous team collapses.

While the former coaches were obviously losing the ears of the players, if there is anyone in the world they should give 110% of their attention to, it’s the man with three batting titles in three decades and 3,154 career hits over his 20-year career.

While I believe that this team has problems beyond a couple of hitting coaches, namely getting rid of manager Ned Yost and having him take his love affair with Jeff Francoeur and Chris Getz with him, hopefully this move will do what it’s intended to do. The first step to saving the dying patient that is our “Come To Play” season is to stop the bleeding, both in the batter’s box and in the stands.

Plus, it will be amazing to see No. 5 in the Royals dugout again. Remember when it used to be “Our Time?” Maybe, he’ll bring it back.

Brett (and Grifol) are the fifth hitting coaches since October 3, 2012. (Seitzer fired Oct. 4.)

I can’t imagine Brett will be hitting coach long, hence the interim status. Now, could he be here “buying his time” until Yost is fired and he may be the replacement? Possible.  It is usually hard for guys like Brett (guys that were great) to coach guys that are lesser talents them him because they just don’t have what he had and easier for guys like Grifol. On the other side, players could be like, “why should I take advice from a guy who never made it out of the minors?” – one who was a career .226 hitter down there, at that.

And one final thought, if Maloof and David are problems and not good enough for the MLB-level, DON’T SEND THEM TO THE MINORS!!!!

On the seven-year anniversary of Dayton Moore’s tenure, the greatest player in Royals history, GEORGE F^%#@^ BRETT, is now the hitting coach.

Is this move a sign of more changes to come?

Stay tuned.


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