One year ago today, #BooCano was successfully awesome

So, in case you have forgotten – and likely you haven’t – the All-Star Game came to Kansas City last year, and this pretty awesome thing happened during the HR derby at the K.

One year ago today:


Kansas City, MISSOURI, well done.

Look there is a Cardinals fan booing in the first row. You see him? Maybe we aren’t so bad if they are the greatest fans in baseball and booed Cano, too.

We made Robinson Cano, the defending Home Run Derby champ and AL team captain, piss down his leg and choke on National TV. You’re a disgrace to powder blue and the “C” on your jersey should be ripped off.

No, as ESPN and the national media states, it wasn’t the “rough circumstances” that Cano experienced – a late game Sunday night followed by a 4 am arrival at KCI (because that NEVER happens when a team travels to another city after a long game), press conferences (because ya, they are SO grueling) or that the Kansas City fans were booing because we have had “nothing to cheer for.” No, it wasn’t the late game in Boston. Your excuses ESPN were just brutal.

And no, the boo’s were not because of the Royals-Yankees rivalry from the late 70’s or simply because he is a Yankee. Don’t you guys get it? MLB strongly urged Cano to pick a Royal if their is one the roster, and said he was “strongly leaning that way,” on an interview with ESPN. Then he DID NOT. Then, he came to town and lied to us all. How dare you, Cano. How dare you.

And no, we aren’t 5-year-old’s. But, you shouldn’t say it. If anyone is going to diss our own guy, its going to be us. Not you Cano, not anyone else. He is our guy, and we will back him, which you Robinson Cano, and the rest of the nation, found out first-hand last night. The national media and ESPN can trash us all they want, but it was a GREAT job by Kansas City. We united to show support for our guy and to make our point loud and clear. Message received, just ask Cano.

It all started with the #BooCano hashtags over the weekend. And then Kansas City, we sure as hell did just that. And it did not stop. It got louder and we booed Cano out of the derby.

We mind-f()cked him. And it was glorious. And it is still happening. During the All-Star Game Red Carpet parade through the plaza, Cano was booed throughout and then off the stage when he was introduced with Derek Jeter to the crowd. If the bi-racial angel Jeter could not save you, I don’t know who could, Robby.


The “Billy Butler” chants right before and during Cano’s derby AB’s and the huge ovation as Butler was shown on the national TV feed on Crown Vision were absolutely awesome.

Obviously, Butler loved it. And he was in awe.

“We have the best fans,” Butler, who was at a loss for words, said when interviewed during Cano’s AB. “This is all I have known and this is where I want to be.”

And while, ESPN made their excuses for Cano and the national media said Cano is a professional and it did not bother him, the deafening cheers/jeers got louder and more giddy everytime Cano hacked away and the ball stayed in the park. It got up to about seven outs and Cano appeared to shut it down and just want to get out of there.

“It didn’t effect me,” Cano said after.

Really? You just went homerless – the first person since 2009 (Brandon Inge) to do so – the HR Derby.

It is rare for a crowd to get into the head of an athlete, and we did it Kansas City.

#BooCano was successfully awesome.

“I don’t care about the fans, we get booed alot, wherever we go, we are the Yankees,” Cano said.

Way to say you don’t care about the fans. Way to – like everyone else outside of this great city – ignore the real issue: You dissed Billy Butler, Kansas City and Royals fans everywhere, and we took it personal. For those feeling sorry for Cano or making excuses for him or claiming that we are trash fans, I feel sorry for you, you got it wrong. He deserved it. He brought it on himself.

WE showed the nation how loyal we are to our guys, to our team and how passionate we are about baseball. I mean, wouldn’t we have to be? We are Royals fans.

And you can make the argument that Butler didn’t deserve to be selected (16 HR). But he could compete in the derby – just as Justin Upton did last year when he was passed over. Cano mentioned he would pick him and didn’t.

And this is on MLB. They had to see this coming when Butler was not selected, and because of it commissioner Bud Selig stated that there is a strong chance that it will be mandatory for a hometown player to be in the Derby – All-Star or not.

We did it last night Kansas City – just like we have done this weekend with the Fan Fest, the largest crowd (easily) for the Futures Game – on a National Stage. Our guy Butler was in awe, Cano was mind-f()cked into a shutout in the Derby and we declared our passion for baseball in Kansas City…Wouldn’t we be considered the greatest fans in America if this happened on the East Coast? But since we are Midwesterners, shame on us.

No, shame on the Glass family. You are not worthy of us. You do not deserve our great fandom.

Plenty of social media discussion last night in regards to whether we should get over it and show America that we are classy by cheering Cano tonight and even going as far as to give him a standing O? Sure, it would mind-f()ck Cano and the national media. But, it would also make us look like sellouts who realized we were wrong by being told so by the National media. So, hell no don’t cheer for him.

#BooCano, always and forever.

And a parting word to the National media. Do not come to our city once every couple of decades and tell us how to act. We were awesome and you are ignorantly blind not to see it.

#WeAreKansasCity and I love it.



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