Getz’s recall embodies everything that is wrong with this (Royals) organization

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I’m not going to lie, tonight I booed Chris Getz – and I liked it. I was not alone. I hope Dayton Moore heard it, or better yet, David Glass.

It’s the first time I can remember booing a Royals player since Jeff Montgomery in 1999 when he blew a save against the Tigers via a BOB HAMELIN grand slam. I mean, I really ripped into him – obscenities, telling him he should retire, etc. – from the first row directly behind the Royals dugout.  It went on for over 30 seconds until he made eye contact with me at the steps of the dugout and lowered his head in shame.

If only this could have been Getz. I felt bad about this encounter with Monty after the fact. But, I wouldn’t with Getz. His recall represents everything that is wrong with this regime and this season – a season that evidently they have gave up on.

That is what Getz’s recall tells us – Getz (along with Kelvin Herrera) were called back up, as Johnny Giavotella and Everett Teaford were sent back to Omaha – even though Dayton Moore said earlier Thursday before the roster moves that the Royals are looking to win now, saying, “There’s no reason this team can’t go on a run where you win 15 of 20” and that any moves made this month are with an eye towards THIS season and NOT the future.

Liar – just like he did in regards to Gio, whom he said on June 30, “we need to look at Johnny. We need to get his bat in the lineup and give him an opportunity. He’s going to come up and play a lot.”

Instead, he had just 38 plate appearances (34 AB’s) to prove himself – hardly a “chance.” Granted, he did not come up and set the world on fire, well after the first game (where he went 3-4), but they needed to let him play non-stop, for a month, and they didn’t even give him that shot, and now, as I predicted upon his recall, this third was more than likely his third and final shot to claim the position as his. AND WHY FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IS GETZ BACK? Call up anyone, but him. His ship has sailed – like two years ago. We just claimed Pedro Ciriaco from San Diego, why not give him a shot. We know what Getz is – WORTHLESS. A God Damn BUM. B-U-M, BUM.

This win-now philosophy was a certainty when Moore traded for James Shields and Erwin Santana. It was even believable two months ago and one month ago. But not now – not when you bring back your bum second baseman.

Maybe this “win now” ideal is just a smokescreen as we approach the deadline…But, do we actually trust Moore is this clever enough for that.

Now, I think it is a GREAT time to question if Dayton Moore even understands his own process. There is no way this process includes Chris f*cking Getz.

Maybe, Getz is just a scapegoat. Maybe, its just that “during the process” they couldn’t find anyone better than CHRIS F*CKING GETZ – a BUM with a career slashline of .252/.310/.312, .248/.305/.298 in 302 games as a Royal, with just ONE HR and a 1.3 WAR (for comparison, Giavotella’s career slashline after 109 career games in the bigs: .239/.273/.333 with 4 HR and -0.3 WAR, so I’m in no way saying he is the answer, but he has never played more than 53 games in a season and only 10 games this time. We know what Getz is, maybe we know what Gio is, but how do we know for sure?). Maybe, it’s time to clean house at One Kauffman Way?

Back when Moore was hired – seven years ago – he said it would take 8-10 years to win here in KC: “I’m not talking about getting to .500, I’m talking about winning the World Series.”

He contradicted his “win now mentality” comments on Thursday – and his “win in 8-10 years” comment from seven years ago, when he said, “Obviously, the ultimate goal is a world championship. But how many winning seasons have we had in the last 20 years? Two? We have to overcome that hurdle first and then move past it, and we’re trying to do it as quickly as possible.”

Back-pedalling. And, it has been going on for a while – manipulating and revising the timeline as he sees fit. Now, that is not that big of a deal. Timelines change for various reasons. But, maybe you shouldn’t predict a World Series within 8-10 years when you are taking over an awful organization.

In 2009, Moore said, “not only improve, but to compete within our division. You say the same thing every year, but this year I think it has much more meaning when we say that,” after a 13-game improvement over the two previous seasons.

They finished 65-97.

Again, what is he going to say, “we’re going to suck this year?”

But instead of trusting the “process,” he hit reset and apparently, started over. 2011 was supposed to be the year, then 2012, 2013 and now maybe 2014 or 2015.

“If you make enough good decisions, three-year plans turn into two-year plans and five-year plans turn into three-year plans. If you make bad decisions, 10-year plans turn into no plan.”

We still have a plan, right?

It is not like Moore hasn’t tried. He got the penny-pinching owner David Glass to spend some money. He threw a HUGE contract at Gil Meche ($55 million) and Jose Guillen. Both, paid off initially, but both were overpaid and ended up being wastes of money (at least Meche gave some money back when he retired after Trey Hillman allowed him to throw his arm out down in Texas), he traded for Brian Bannister and Kyle Davies, Mike Jacobs and Coco Crisp, re-singed Alcides Escobar, Billy Butler, Salvador Perez, Alex Gordon, Zack Greinke, then traded him (and Yuni, who he later would re-sign and then drop for being a clubhouse cancer) to the Brewers for Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain, Jake Odorizzi – who Moore parlayed (with Mike Montgomery, Wil Myers and Patrick Leonard) into James Shields and Wade Davis – and Jeremy Jeffress. He traded for Santana. Oh, and let us not forget the Melky Cabrera (who Moore signed off the scrap heap and was playing for his career in KC, and had a career year)/Jonathan Sanchez (who with Ryan Vertugo was traded from San Fran for Melky)/Jeremy Guthrie (who was traded from Colorado for Sanchez, in the trade of the decade) wizardry. Player development was emphasized – something that seems to make so much sense for a small market team. With an increase in international signings and continual draft high draft picks, the pipeline to Kansas City, would never run out.

With those never-ending high-draft picks, of course some of them would pan out. But, Moore has not been able to produce pitching. NONE. Greg Holland and Aaron Crow – both relievers – have both been All-Star’s are the best pitchers that have come up through the system. Who is his best starter, Danny Duffy?

And, the most telling stat of all? When the Pirates finish above .500 this season, the Royals, unless the Royals win 38 of their remaining 69 games, they will be the only team since 2007 to have never had a winning season. AMAZING.

In addition, 22 teams, including the other four AL Central teams, have played in at least one playoff game since Moore’s hiring,

Like I said earlier, Moore has tried. The James Shields blockbuster showed that the Royals were “all in” for 2013. But, what does that mean? It was also an admittance that he has not been able to produce pitching and that he needed to go out and get it. Fine. It was a ballsy move to trade arguably the best hitting prospect in all of baseball in that deal. It meant the Royals “wanted to win” but, even with the trade, knocking off the Tigers would still be a longshot.

And with his “Hail Mary” desperation trade – which we all admit made the pitching a lot better – the Royals still sit seven games out of first and 44-49 on the season. He fixed the pitching without fixing the holes on offense, but instead, just “hoped” that it would fix itself. Instead, we still have Chris Getz Outs playing second base.

And, now Moore is saying things such as, “There’s no reason this team can’t go on a run where you win 15 of 20,” – something that has not been done since 2003 and several times in the Royals glory years.

Again, desperation hope.

But, as it stand now, based on his comments, the Royals will be sellers at the deadline, but do we trust his comment or his ability to make a deal that is good for the Royals and that is NOT a desperation/Hail Mary move to save his job?

Are we better now than we were seven years ago? Abso-freaking-lutely. But, I have had just about enough of “the Process.”


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