Because…it’s Ned

Fuck You, Ned Yost. Fuck your hat, fuck your face and fuck your couch. Because…you’re you.

Before going further, I may use the word “FUCK” here like a Smurf uses the word “Smurf”.

I am irritated. Look, I know managers don’t play the games in the MLB, and don’t have huge effect on the outcomes. Ned Yost tries and succeeds. Well, succeeds at being unsuccessful.

That is why when someone text me and/or ask me why such and such is happening,

my best answer anymore is, “Because, its Ned” and anymore, its the most suitable answer.

Ned kills me. Don’t get me started on bunting. What in the FUCKING hell led you to believe that leaving a battered (13 hits!) Jeremy Guthrie, in the game late, after he had CLEARLY gotten by on luck throughout the day, was a good move? Against the FUCKING TIGERS?!? One of the best lineups we see 19 times a year. Only the most arrogant and ignorant managers leaves Guthrie in after the sixth or seventh when he was clearly getting by on luck. I mean, its not like we have the best bullpen in the last 23 years. Oh wait, we do? Use them! Instead you fucking try and give Guthrie a complete game, or whatever the hell you were trying to do, and he promplty gives up a HR to Alex Avila – his second of the game – in the bottom of the eighth and we lose the game and a crucial series.

Because, its Ned.

Honestly, are you just trying to make all of KC hate you MORE? Is this really SOOOO complicated, as you suggest with your arrogant, condescending fucking remarks to any question thrown your way? We have an expanded fucking roster. What are you saving the best bullpen in the MLB for right now, you fucktard asshat? The fans of the Kansas City Royals deserve better. The players deserve better. Now, we’ve seen worse managers in Kansas City (Trey Hillman), but you are hardly an improvement.

We have a chance in the FUCKING Wild Card race, and you are managing like you are afraid to hurt feelings. Like you want the players to like you. Maybe you’re just a giant pussy? You rarely even argue the terrible calls we get. Lord knows we saw a good number of them in Detroit this weekend. You got tossed for the first time this SEASON, this FUCKING week, right? Two weeks of games left, big guy?! This “playoff” race thing doesn’t happen around here much. Thanks for taking it for granted. It worked out real well for the Nationals when they inexcusably decided to shut down Stephen Strasburg last year. They lose in the playoffs, and are a LONG shot for them this year. When you’re there. In the race. You FUCKING GO FOR IT. You play each game like you’re already THERE! In the PLAYOFFS!

You had Alcides Escobar leadoff for a few weeks. Felt Chris Getz was our best option at 2B going into the season, then not good enough to be in the MLB, then best option to hit #2? Gave Giovatella his 2013 “chance” to the tune of 37 at bats, spread out over two and a half weeks. Left Wade Davis in the rotation 4-6 weeks too long, when we had better options presenting themselves (Will Smith, Danny Duffy, Bruce Chen). You pinch hit Carlos Pena in a situation where we need CONTACT. Pena is NOT known for contact, AND he had all of ONE other MLB at bat over the previous three or four weeks! You CONSISTENTLY bunt, when we are losing, giving away outs. Often times, to get to our bottom of the order hitters. Think about that? It has YET to pay off!!!! It won’t. You don’t give away outs, especially when you are LOSING. Wait. I said don’t get me started on bunting….moving on.  Are you fucking crazy, stupid or both?

We have to sweep Cleveland now. 2 of 3 isn’t good enough. There just isn’t enough fucking time. You put this team in this situation. “You play to win the game” – Herm Edwards. You don’t play to get starting pitchers wins, or closers saves. The ROYALS wins are all that should fucking matter to you. But apparently they don’t.

Because…it’s Ned. You’re Ned.

Oh….look. You’re bunting. Because Fuck You.




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