CHRIS F***ING GETZ release > Chiefs losing streak…SO DON’T YOU BRING ME DOWN TODAY!

Greg Smith, KC SportsNation

Things are BEAUTIFUL, no matter what you say. I’m not Christina Aguilera, but damnit, I FEEL GOOD! So the Chiefs have lost three in a row. Yeah, that sucks, but we’re 9-3. NINE AND THREE! We were 2-14 last year. We are an essential LOCK for the playoffs.

The Chiefs were a hideous, and tragic disaster last year at this time. Not just figuratively speaking. A year ago, fans were reeling from an awful season on the field, and wondering what happened at Arrowhead on the morning of Dec. 1.

Chiefs linebacker, Jovan Belcher, took his own life the morning of December 1, 2012. A murder-suicide, killing his girlfriend, 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins, before driving to the Chiefs’ training facility and shooting himself in the head with a hand gun. Chiefs Head Coach, Romeo Crenel and General Manager, Scott Pioli were present, and just feet away as he pulled the trigger.

Enter new General Manager, John Dorsey and new Head Coach, Andy Reid. Things have turned around in a way no one could have imagined. The players seem upbeat, and as a result, on the field performances are markedly better. It translates to the W-L columns as well. Nine wins vs. just three loses. After a nine game winning streak to start the season, the Chiefs have suffered 3 consecutive losses since coming out of a week 10 bye. Let’s not fool ourselves and pretend to think that our expectations for 2013 were a 1 seed and AFC west title. Any true red Chiefs fan given a guarantee of a 9-3 record at the ¾ mark and in the driver’s seat for a playoff berth at the beginning of the season would have SIGNED RIGHT UP. Think about it. We’ve won SEVEN more games SO FAR this season, than we did ALL of last year. It’s a good thing. Wishy-washy Chiefs fan, PLEASE stop urinating all over yourself and those around you about how we’re sure to lose the final seven games of the year, and back into a playoff spot. Sure it’s possible, but HIGHLY unlikely. Give these guys some credit. We did just play the consensus best team in the AFC in two of the last three weeks, and didn’t embarrass ourselves. I most CERTAINLY did not come away from those games feeling like our Chiefs simply have no chance to beat them. We lost to Tampa Bay 38-10 last year. THAT’S EMBARRASSING. Oakland shut us out 15-0 last year. THAT’S EMBARRASSING. Let’s enjoy this season. Unlike the Royals, who were finally in the hunt this year after numerous seasons of futility, the Chiefs WILL make the post season.

But, everything is OK in the world, because this:


Chris Getz is NO LONGER A ROYAL!

So, don’t bring me down today. I doubt anyone or anything can.

Could there possibly be better news? The Glass family selling the team to the Cerner group perhaps? That might be it. I guess of course hearing that the Tigers had traded us Miguel Cabrera would be “better” news. But, let’s try to stay in reality. Like this reality. The Tigers traded Doug Fister to the Nationals! His “record” is only 3-4 vs the Royals in his 3 seasons as a Tiger. However, he has pitched very well against our puny lineups. (3.29 ERA / 67 H / 13 BB / 46 K in 63 IP). Fister away from the Tigers cannot hurt us. This day, December 2, 2013 keeps giving!

CHRIS GETZ IS GONE > than anything else in the world.

And, Brian won’t have anymore breakdown’s like this: Chris F***ing Getz.

So don’t give me your garbage about how you’d “rather be 2-14 again, than go 9-0 and get the fans hopes up”. Stop being a fan if you don’t like winning seasons, you pathetic twit. Don’t waste my time with how this past Royals season was a joke since we missed the playoffs, and lost Wil Myers. Exactly how many times, in your life, have you watched the MLB standings in late September so closely? When OUR teams are winning on the field, we of ALL fan bases should be most appreciative. We aren’t spoiled like our Cardinal fans “friends” across the state. We don’t have the luxury of “expecting “the playoffs every season like the New England Patriots. Be a real fan. Not just when it’s convenient and things are going well, jumping off after any poor performance.

If the Royals announce that they’ve signed Beltran today…someone should check on me.


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