Moustakas is back…ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals

When recently demoted third baseman Mike Moustakas was recalled just 10 days – the minimum amount a player can stay in the minors before a recall – after his demotion for his struggles at the plate (.152 with 4 HR, 17 RBI, 9 runs in 139 plate appearances), thanks mostly, in part, to a Danny Valencia hand/wrist injury. Of course, Twitter melted down. So did we.

Greg said his version of the story would go like:

Mike Moustakas recalled.

The Royals hate real development, winning and me.

The End.

That would have sufficed.

Sure, the move makes sense. But, does it really?

Yes, there was a need after Valencia hit the DL. But Jimmy Paredes, who was just demoted, could have came right back without waiting the 10 days because it would have been a DL. They could have also called up Jason Donald, Gio or even Christian Colon. But, no, instead we get a Mike Moustakas, who CERTAINLY learned his lesson in just 8 games (where he hit .355 with 1 HR, reaching base in seven straight games – but was hitting just .217 as of Wednesday)…and just two good games. Oh, and he returns in time to face a left-hander…and a 9-1 Mark Buehrle. That ought to go well today.

“So God Damn stupid,” Greg so eloquently put it.

When asked if he thinks Moose would have been back if he was hitting .217, he said, “Who knows. Probably. Nothing can stop stupid.”

I can’t really agree more with any of his comments. Don’t worry, the small sample size clearly means Moose is fixed, just like our new hitting coach (recently promoted Dale Svuem from third base coach) fixed the offense (three HR’s in his two games). AM I RIGHT?

But really we’re not really sure what do say anymore. We all saw the move coming, even when we all knew it was wrong – wrong for the team and wrong from Moose. The lack of alternatives excuse is horseshit. We know it. You know. We all know it.

Moustakas is a career .236/.290/.379 hitter over 414 major league games and 1,632 plate appearances is without his platoon partner now so will have to face lefties now, even though he has proved he can’t hit them (.215/.272/.320). Hell, play Pedro Ciriaco against lefties. He can’t do any worse, and will probably perform better.

The fact that the Royals sent Moose the minors (albeit WAY too late) showed fans that the Royals were serious about winning and it meant more than development. The fact that they called him back up – regardless of the Valencia injury (who the Royals drug their feet on up in ten days proves it was just a show and they aren’t really that serious about winning. But hey, his 355/.412/.548 slash line during his brief stint with the Stormchasers proves his ability to mash AAA pitching remains intact!


Or don’t.



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