Orioles fans hilariously classic takes on the Royals


This above picture pretty much sums up the helpless feeling of Orioles fans. Most of them anyway.

Many of us share our Royals over reactions in this bizarre place known as the internet. Much of it in a world we call “Royals Twitter.” On this same interwebs, we can find the reactions and experiences of other fan bases. This magical postseason run by our beloved Royals has sparked A LOT of reaction from the fans of our current opponent in the ALCS, the Baltimore Orioles. Some good, some bad, all classic. In the best of seven series, our Royals are up two games to none and await three home games.

Jarrod Dyson says he doesnt expect to return back to Baltimore:


You would think Dyson is probably right. After what we’ve seen so far in six postseason games, winning two of three home games seems likely.

Of course, Orioles fans now think Dyson is a villain and the Royals on-field theatrics are unprofessional.

10710891_768006556592217_4687413765755687575_nThat’s rich. Apparently, he’s never seen the Royals play. Hand signals/gestures have been going on for a while now, mostly thanks to Miguel Tejada last year. Cain certainly was not directing his gestures toward Norris and players coming out of the dugout to celebrate a HR in the postseason is pretty common.

But, many Orioles fans share Dyson’s sentiment.

Like this one here, who said, “What shred of evidence have any of us seen that would indicate he is wrong? Seriously?” And…


I love them mistaking Mike Moustakas as a 5-hitter.

There are others with similar opinions, and with tonight’s game postponed until tomorrow, (Game 4 on Wednesday still ay 3:07 and Game 5, if needed Thursday, also at 3:07), here is a little collection of what we’ve found interesting as we all sit on the edges of our seats to watch the Royals take the postseason field again.) Most reaction taken from: Orioles Hangout)


Well, here it is. The scenario many of us feared. The Orioles versus the Royals in the ALCS. I guess it’s only fitting that the two most balanced teams meet to decide who represents the American League in the World Series. The team that wins this series will be World Series Champ IMO. I was reading an article about how the Royals dispatched the Angels easily in game 5 and the article said they did it with: “Dazzling pitching, daring baserunning and some dogged determination.” I think that they left out deft glove work.

This is how I feel about KC right now. Based on their age and experience, they should be awful on the big stage….most teams are the first time around. But they are the complete opposite. As the opposition, you never have to worry about the big inning with them….but this is even worse. They are all about the little inning, but it is EVERY inning. These games are taking forever because they always have at least one person on base in each inning. Moustakas hitting ninth?!?! What is one of your best bats doing hitting ninth? It is crazy, but he is killing us there. Cain must bat every inning. Most lineups you face, there is a little breather somewhere. But with these guys, there isn’t because every player with speed seems to also get on base a lot. I remember Rivera-Wetteland used to shorten the game to 7 innings. The KC bullpen seems to shorten the game to 5. How does every one of them throw 99 and have control? I haven’t seen that combination possessed by 4 different people in the same pen….ever. If they had just won the Oakland game normally, like an easy 8-2 win, then I wonder how much of this magic we would have ever seen. The way they came back in that game seemed to trigger a lot of this….if not all of it.

We get on base a lot? Let’s not get carried away. Yes, the Royals have had at least one runner on base in 18 of the 19 innings in the ALCS, but, that’s not who the Royals are.

It isn’t that we are down 2-0, or even that we have lost painfully in both games. Those things are not good, but I feel like what is really getting at me so much is that this team and fanbase do not deserve this much success this quickly and easily.
I get that they have been left out of the dance for 29 years, but you just aren’t supposed to be able to get back and then not lose the rest of the way. How is that fair? You should have to pay your dues first. And dues do not equal zero pressure regular season games only for 29 years.
We as O’s fans have absorbed countless awful playoff losses over the last 4 Octobers we have played in. The Red Sox, when they won in 2004, deserved it after all the awful losing they did in prior trips. In fact, most franchises that have won in the playoffs suffered some tough losing first.
And yet the country seems perfectly fine with the Royals winning every game and never feeling one ounce of playoff pain. I get that life isn’t fair, but damn this really isn’t fair. We deserve this more than they do, plain and simple

Really, asshat? Deserving has nothing to do with it. But, If you want to go that route, if anyone deserves a winner, it is Kansas City. I guess Baltimore has forgotten about what the Ravens have done.

I wonder in hindsight if that Gordon Homer in the 10th changed this entire series? Beating us with the long ball was kind of like a big laugh and slap in our face. Or just Wade Davis completely shutting us down in the 9th of game 1 after they came up empty with the bases loaded and none out. Is Davis even human, by the way.

No, sir. Davis is indeed not human. He is a cyborg, have you not heard?

And now, the glass is completely empty and broken approach:

And exactly who on the Orioles is going to have the gumption to do that (win, against the Royals, that is)? Huh? Not a man on this team has shown any grit or composure whatsoever throughout this entire series so far. The batters are pressing; the pitchers are off their tempo and obsessing over first base; there are too many balls and not enough strikes being thrown; and the defense craps the bed when we can afford it the least.
This team can’t seem to do a single thing right, while the Royals can do no wrong. We have no chance to win the ALCS. None. Zip. Zilch. Even if we win two games, we are goners.
The likelihood of us beating them 4 games before they win 2 more against us is extremely slim. Only three teams have done it in the history of the 7-game championship series (since 1985), while every other AL and NL team that lost the first two games of a 7-game CS, did not win the pennant.
Also, since we’re on the road now, the chances of us winning even one game in the remaining games is pretty slim. I think we get swept. This team is just plain terrible when the pressure’s on.

Remember, Orioles fans “Won’t Stop.” But as evidenced by their actions after the Alex Gordon and Moustakas dong’s Friday in the 10th inning, they will, in fact, stop and go home when down 8-5:



Evidently, the attitude of many Royals players is now irritating the Orioles fan base:

Hosmer needs to catch one in the ear hole for all his “showmanship“.
This isn’t the WWE. Drill him and show these clowns we don’t play that garbage.
Show some cojones and challenge their manhood. We are the vet team……we need to act like it.
Rattle their damn cages they are far too comfortable right now.

His fellow fan calls him out on the head hunting suggestion. Good work, Russ:

russ snyder

How about striking him out?
What you are suggesting is more than bush.
The guy is irritating, but he’s playing his butt off like the rest of his team.
Instead of resorting to this level, the Orioles need to play better baseball.


And, yes, Orioles fans, we will troll you. I MEAN EVEN OUR POSTGAME SHOW IS DOING IT ON TV for everyone to see…

What a beautiful thing.


Not all of the Orioles fan reaction has been that of a despondent, miserable grouch. Some of their fans are almost rooting for us, too!


Scott Downs is good for something after all this postseason, other than downing beer after beer in locker room celebrations.

And just as a reminder to everyone who the ALCS MVP front-runner is:


And, this is only taking his offense into account.

Orioles fans are panicking. And, we love it. We laugh at your desperation. We laugh at your anguish. We laugh the hardest at your logic: we must pay our dues, we don’t deserve it, we haven’t experienced pain, blah, blah, blah. How about this for fair, WIN BASEBALL GAMES.


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