Royals fans will NOT be denied, everyone else freaks out

ALCS - Baltimore Orioles v Kansas City Royals - Game Four

Kansas City Royals fans, apparently, are the only ones with internet access?

How else can you explain EIGHT, count them: 1 (Salvador Perez), 2 (Eric Hosmer), 3 (Omar Infante !!!), 4 (Mike Moustakas), 5 (Alcides Escobar), 6 (Alex Gordon), 7 (Lorenzo Cain), 8 (Kendrys Morales) Royals voted in as All-Star starters by the fans in the today’s fourth balloting results update?


And, instead of doing something about it they can control – like vote – they’re too busy crying around. Whining and not offering a solution.

At first, the Royals were a neat little story. First the postseason run that gathered the nation’s attention. Then the hot start (7-0 and 28-14). Then five players were leading the all-Star balloting on the initial results release on May 26. This little “flyover” cow town, the 27th biggest market in Major League Baseball, was on the radar.

Now, it’s different.

Then the next week, with guys like Omar Infante, in the beginning of his 5-62 slump, and Alex Rios, who was just coming off the DL, playing in eight total games, were right there next in line in voting, ( with Eric Hosmer and Kendrys Morales, who were in first place by time the third release came out last week.

Everybody started freaking out. Apparently, little old Kansas City is ruining baseball because we’re doing what anyone else can simply do: Vote. Seems like hypocrisy. Now, all of a sudden the voting process for the All-Star Game is flawed. This happens every year. The All-Star Game has always been about the fans, and whom they want to see.

But, apparently, that’s not who everyone wants to see. Last week, Sports Illustrated lobbied against voting for the Royals and gave the options of whom America should vote for. David Price went to Twitter:

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 4.38.56 PM

Then, Detroit News’ Bob Wojnowski wrote that All-Star voting is a Royal joke if Miguel Cabrera is snubbed.CBS got into the act today when it was announced that it was eight Royals now. First Jon Heyman, who I usually enjoy, wrote today that the MLB has a Royal problem with AL All-Star voting. My favorite parts are “this isn’t right. Nor is it fair” – you know, even though Royals fans are voting within the rules that MLB allows – and “The All-Star voting system has worked for years, with fans generally taking the process seriously and selecting either very good or at least reasonably acceptable starting lineups year after year, without incident.” Listen, I get it. Not all the Royals are the best at their position. But, outside of Infante (who rates as the worst hitter in Major League Baseball among batters with 190 plate appearances – last in OPS, wOBA and wRC+), they’re not bums, either. Despite our recent offensive slump (2.3 runs per game the last 17 games) You can make a case for any of them (later). Matt Snyder called our Royals fans, saying we’re embarrassing ourselves and “zero justification from anyone with a brain.”

Other things:

  • “Ultimately, this can and should be fixed by commissioner Rob Manfred. Yes, he needs to step in here, because there are some egregious things going on in a game that (incorrectly, sure, but that’s not the topic at hand) means something.”
  • “My guess is most Royals fans are just doing what all other fan bases do but that there’s a small segment of losers spending an inordinate amount of time and energy to skew this thing. Those people are making the rest of the Royals fans look bad and messing up the start of the All-Star Game. They should be stopped. The good Royals fans should be on my side here, because they are making you guys — and there are a lot of you — look really bad.”
  • “Let’s all just take a step back and realize that this would be bad for baseball no matter what team it was. Once we’re able to do that, we’ll stop getting personal and start realizing this vote is a farce.”
  • “Or maybe we should just root for the Royals to have every starter, lose the All-Star Game and then lose on the road in Game 7 of the World Series? That would be a bit poetic, wouldn’t it.”

The only thing I agree with is the All-Star game deciding home field advantage. It’s a dumb concept. A better way would be the team in the World Series with the best record, or the league who had the better head-to-head interleague record.

I guess I’m also a hypocrite. I hated when undeserving players made it. I, as a fan, would legitimately vote for the “best players.” But now, that we’re the ballot stuffers, it’s kind of fun. We’ve been the joke of baseball for so long. Now, the joke is on them. Let’s have some fun with it and make a mockery of the process. We all know that Omar Infante doesn’t deserve to be an All-Star, let alone and everyday player right now, but How exactly are the Royals fans hijacking the All Star voting? They are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Voting the way MLB allows. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game. It’s not on Royals fans. As Ned says, “there’s nothing wrong here. The votes are the votes. If you don’t like it, go out there and vote. Our fans have gotten out there and voted” other fans need to shut up and vote.

Also, kudos to the Royals marketing department they are marketing the hell out of this, and if you go visit other team websites, they’re not. So, is it the Royals fault that they now how to market it, that they know how to take advantage of the situation? While I think we, as Royals fans, are stuffing the ballot box, I have a hard time believing that we’re the only ones voting our guys. Remember in October, we all of a sudden became America’s team. Maybe it has carried over into the voting? Kansas City is 4-5 times smaller than some other cities in MLB. It can’t be all Kansas City, can it?

It’s the system that is broken. Fan voting always has been the wrong way to do things. Not since 1975 has one team had five players voted in (Reds). The Royals have a GREAT shot to match that in 2015, and even surpass it. Now, since it is Kansas City and not the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Cardinals or Cubs, all of a sudden, the system is flawed. It always has been. Maybe, Royals fans, that we’ll get the system changed (I think NFL does it best – fan vote, player vote and coaches/front office vote sharing equal thirds of the voting). Until then, since it is the system that MLB allows – 35 votes per day with one email address, asking you if you simply want to repeat your selections or vote again, each time – keep voting. We have until July 2. I’m all in, now. Vote Rios in, too. Because, why not? Then the process may actually change. Until then, stay #ForeverRoyal and #VoteRoyals.

American doesn’t want a Royal Blue All-Star Game. As they get more vocal about it, we’re voting even more. Screw them. Quite frankly, if Kansas City is easily out in front in voting, then the other fan bases are to blame.

Troll so hard, Royals fans.

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