Eric Berry kicks Cancer’s Ass



Eric Berry kicked cancer’s ass. Next up, the National Football League.

There was once a time when many wondered if he would even play again.

On December 8, 2014, Berry, a Chief favorite, was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. Two days later, he had his first chemotherapy treatment, followed by six phases of treatments over the next six months.

Berry, the Pro Bowl safety, labeled chemo a “monster” and said that his goal was to make it to five push ups.

Now, miraculously Berry, who had been declared cancer free as of June 22, returned to the practice, reunited with his Chiefs family on the Gridiron a short eight months after being diagnosed.

Absolutely amazing.

Despite the speculation that his career may be over, Berry never lost his mindset that he would be back on the field with his brothers playing the game he loved. Support from friends and family he said was a big help and great to have during his time of struggle.

Justin Houston, now owner of the second richest contract in NFL history, and Sean Smith are two of the names he mentioned who would come and talk to him before chemo sessions among many fellow Chiefs who checked on him regularly. Berry chose to get his treatments via an IV rather than the traditional methods. This gave him the ability to work out to stay in shape.


He said the treatments where very rough on his heart and lungs, which kept him from keeping his fitness level up to where he wanted, despite his efforts. However, he still managed to come out of his fight weighing a pound more than before he went in.

This morning, Berry got to hit the practice field. Not only did he kick cancer’s ass, but he did it in eight months. Going day by day he said he was never looking to far ahead to get back to were he was.

Berry is trying to be ready to face the Texans Week 1. If he plays, even if limited, is a mere miracle and a huge morale boost for the Chiefs, who will already be without Smith for the first three weeks of the season as result of a suspension stemming from a DUI.

Berry beat cancer and now he is back ready to be a nightmare for opposing QB’s. The grind don’t stop so watch out NFL because #BERRYSTRONG … STUNTMAN 101 is NOW IN SESSION. Keep an eye out for our follow up as we get deeper into training camp. So until then CHIEFS KINGDOM. Stay #BERRYSTRONG and get ready Football season is upon us.

Just absolutely blown away by his speedy recovery. Stud.


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