NEED FOR SPEED: Chiefs have dialed up team speed


The Chiefs as a team have always had a fair amount of speed on both sides of the ball. This year, however, is slightly different as we have over the last few years created one of the fastest teams in the league. Combine the speed with a roster full of talent and you have created a nightmare for opposing football teams.

Quarterback Alex Smith clocks in at a 4.7 40. Which is in the same range as Andrew Luck 4.67 and just a fraction of a second behind names like Colin Kaepernick 4.53, Russell Wilson 4.55, & Cam Newton 4.58. It’s going to be great to see him have serious weapons to utilize for a change, but very comforting to know he can break away from the rush and pick up those yards.

At the NFL Combine, Running back Jamaal Charles ran an impressive 4.36 40. Now, he may have lost a step over the years as he approaches his 30’s, but he’s still easily one of the fastest running backs in the NFL. This combined with his burst through holes; vicious. We have all seen it time after time making two or three guys miss and then nothing but taillights, ba-by, AND, he gets to the line of scrimmage faster than the normal back. He is getting to the age where a lot of RB begin to fall off and lose production. I think he has another three good years of being an elite back and 1,000+ rushing yards.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Knile Davis (4.3), Charcandrick West (4.27)

Tight end Travis Kelce’s 4.44 (clocked at his Kansas City Pro Day) blows most of the NFL’s TE’s and multiple receivers away. If he continues to put together his talent, passion for the game, his yard after catch (YAC) ability and his speed, I believe the ol’ voice of the Chiefs Mitch Holtus will be saying his famous words a lot this season and many season’s to come. TOUCHDOWN…KANSAS CITY.

HONORABLE MENTION: James O’Shaughnessy (4.68)

Chiefs wide receivers are FAST: Jeremy Maclin (4.45), DeAnthony Thomas (4.34), Albert Wilson (4.36), Chris Conley (4.35). With teams having to keep an eye on Maclin without fail, that leaves Conley, Wilson, or DAT any given play to break open and leaving defenders standing still.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: L’Damian Washington (4.39), Frankie Hammond (4.44)


On the defensive side of the ball, there’s just as many players who possess this great disease I like to call FIRE FEET.

Starting with the safeties, with times of 4.4 (Eric Berry), 4.35 (Ron Parker), 4.26 (Tyvon Branch), and 4.34 (Sanders Commings) and corner times of 4.5 (Sean Smith), 4.53 (Marcus Peters), 4.38 (Phillip Gaines), and 4.49 (Steven Nelson), they’re more than capable of staying right on the ass of any receiver in the league. YOU SEE THAT ^^^^^, LOOK AT IT RIGHT THERE, ^^^^^THE BEST SECONDARY IN THE LEAGUE.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Jamell Fleming (4.43) & Marcus Cooper (4.45)

Now to the linebacking core, which I personally find phenomenal for their sizes, we have Derrick Johnson (4.52), Dee Ford (4.53), Justin Houston (4.62) and Ramik Wilson (4.62). Just last season the newly extended $101 million man, Justin Houston, put up a ridiculous 22 sacks only trailing Michael Strahan for the NFL best sack record by a mere half sack. This is a big part of his speed combined with his power that’s a dangerous combination. Johnson has shown year in and year out what a good set of wheel can do to get after the ball. This is why he is just 15 tackles away from the Chiefs franchise tackle record.

HONORABLE MENTION: Justin March-Lillard (4.6), DJ Alexander (4.54), Josh Martin (4.57) and Josh Mauga (4.61)

Even the defensive front have some speed that for big guys are pretty impressive. We all remember when our own Dontari Poe chased down the likes of Micheal Vick – one of the fastest QB’s to ever play in the league. Allen Bailey is another with a set of wheels who can get after the ball with a quickness. Put all these pieces together and you have your own KANSAS CITY track team with pads on.

Now to recap: These are some of your Chiefs who can blow past the competition.

Until next time fans.


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