How Bad is the Royals Offense?


A lot has been said about the much-maligned Royals bullpen, but the offense has been really bad, too. Add the two together, and it’s no wonder the team is 7-21 and just endured their worst April (7-19) in franchise history, and matched their worst start in franchise history (5-20).

Just how bad has the offense been?

While Mike Moustakas and Jorge Soler continue to have excellent years, that is about where this feel good story ends. Whit Merrifield and Abraham Almonte are holding their own and deserve a pass from criticism as well, but the rest….well…



LOOK AT THAT! The Royals are actually STACKED with offensive leaders right!!????

Wrong. When sorting by “OFF” according to Fangraphs, the Royals managed to place 3 players inside the top 21 worse offensive players in all of baseball. Alcides Escobar also manages to clock in at No. 37 on today’s countdown as well.

Want it to look worse? How about if we just do the American League only….


SWEET HEAVEN…..MY EYES! MAKE IT STOP! Four Royals inside the top 20 of the worst everyday offensive players in the American League. That’s not going to plant a lot of flags in the outfield folks.

This isn’t anything new for most reading this. We all know the Royals stink. We all know the Royals are going to CONTINUE to stink. This was simply a courteous reminder that they are, in fact, managing to stink in every conceivable way possible. Collectively. As a whole. Thus far the only “group” on the Royals not doing their job of securing the No. 1 overall draft pick in 2019 is the starting rotation, and even they mange to only rank No. 21 in all of MLB. Point being…its a real team effort.

So buckle up Royals fans. Start scouting those early round draft picks. And if you need to go to the bathroom and the bottom of the order is coming up….go ahead….grab some nachos too.


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