The Big Tease: Takeaways from the 2013 Chiefs

Lets start with the good news... - Andy Reid is a good coach.  Taking a 2-14 team to the playoffs the very next year is nothing short of amazing.  Does he have his flaws?  Certainly.  I think the clock management knock is earned and showed up a few times this season, but the positives easily outweigh the negative.  He's a natural leader that commands respect in the locker room without being a dick about it.  The players seem to like playing for him which creates a healthy team dynamic that translates onto the field.  I like the offense he runs which got better and better as the season progressed and with some more playmakers on the field, can continue to improve next season. - Alex Smith is a good quarterback.  The first half of the season I was satisfied with his play, mostly because he was winning games even if he looked mediocre most of the time.  However, the second half of the year (after the bye week) and his performance in the playoff game has raised my view of him [Read more...]

Andy Reid Is the New Head Chief

Unless Andy Reid just really wanted some Kansas City BBQ, today's visit to Kansas City and Arrowhead Stadium confirms that we have a new Chiefs head coach.  The official press conference won't happen until Monday, but Clark Hunt confirmed today that the deal is done and Andy Reid will immediately assume head coaching duties.  While I'm tempted to quickly start dissecting the new coach and projecting what an Andy Reid lead Chiefs team might look like, let's just take the weekend to enjoy what appears to be finally a good day for Chiefs fans. Oh I almost forgot...Scott Pioli was fired today too.  Have a nice weekend.

Chiefs HC/GM Search Update: Hunt in Philly to interview Reid, Falcons assistants interviewed; Pioli dead man walking, no word on Polian, Heckert’s name emerges

Here is what we all know: As announced on Monday, Chiefs owner Clark Hunt will be handling the Chiefs coaching search, not GM Scott Pioli, who as you know by now has had his power severed. Atlanta Falcons assistants – offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter and special teams coach Keith Armstrong – were interviewed for the position earlier this week. Koetter signed an extension with the Falcons today, so we know he is out. Sometime today, Hunt will/did interview Reid in Philadelphia. What does this all mean? The Koetter interview was said to not go well. With Hunt’s desire to want a big name, experienced head coach, Koetter did not seem like a fit anyway, as Hunt does not want a first time head coach (or GM for that matter, more on that later.) Armstrong fits the NFL’s requirement (Rooney Rule) to interview a minority. Hunt wants Reid, and wants him real bad. Reid, according to several reports yesterday, was on his way to Arizona, with former Cleveland GM Tom Heckert (to be their GM). [Read more...]

Chiefs Season Preview: The Morning Before All Hell Breaks Loose

It's a beautiful Sunday morning in Kansas City on the most excellent of Sunday's of the year - the first Chiefs game.  Full of optimism and hope and a freshly laundered Dante Hall jersey I found at a thrift store, I am as excited as a baby at the teat - or a grown man there actually. There's of course been numerous NFL predictions from numerous sources valid and blogish alike.  And while it is impossible to take those predictions too seriously, they are grounded in some truths about these NFL teams.  With that said, the AFC West appears to be genuinely considered by most to be a wide open division.  I've seen every team picked to win it including the Raiders. Concerning the Chiefs it seems to be a popular feeling (even among those not picking them to win the division) that they may have the most talented roster top to bottom in the the West. So is it true?  Do the Chiefs have the best "on-paper" roster in the AFC West? I turn to science for the answers.  And when I say science I [Read more...]

Chiefs Win First Pre-Season Game, So What?

So this... While a pre-season win itself may not mean much, coming out and playing well, looking prepared, and gaining confidence does mean a whole lot. Matt Cassel looked comfortable.  He didn't blow me away with any plays, but it was clear he knew where he was supposed to go with the ball and executed consistently on two good drives. The Chiefs will be able to run the ball this year.  Our offensive line looked dominant and the depth chart appears deep at RB.  This is important for the Chiefs as they will be most successful this year when they can control the clock and keep the defense rested. Speaking of the offensive line...what a difference a year makes.  All of a sudden I'm hearing comparisons to the O-Line glory days of Willie Roaf, Will Shields and company.  While its just one pre-season game, this unit is no longer a liability and has the potential to become great this season. Speaking of the running game...Jamaal Charles looked quick and took some hits.  That's [Read more...]

Chiefs Training Camp Week 1 Recap

The first week of Chiefs training camp has come and gone. Here’s what you need to know so far: • Still no Dwayne Bowe. Reports are he will likely skip the entire training camp and sign his franchise contract right before the regular season starts. • All of last season’s torn ACLs are holding up so far. With limited work loads, Jamaal Charles, Tony Moeaki, and Eric Berry have all looked to be back to full speed so far. The question will be how they will perform physically and mentally once the hitting begins. • Ricky Stanzi is listed 3rd on the most recent depth chart and so far hasn’t done anything to jump Brady Quinn. Unless Stanzi clearly outplays Quinn this pre-season, he’s likely to stay back-up to the back-up. • Most of Dexter McCluster’s reps have been at receiver and that is exactly the position he is listed under on the depth chart. If it wouldn’t look so bad for Pioli, McCluster might be in jeopardy of getting cut. • McCluster has also been getting reps returning kicks [Read more...]