Catching Up with Sporting KC

Over the past couple of weeks Sporting has taken a hit in the standings. After an unexpected victory in New York on April 9, the team had two games the following week. First, at home versus the inferior Colorado Rapids the home team fell behind early only to later equalize before giving up a late goal to seal the loss in the 20th anniversary game. Four days later in Dallas, the team took an early lead then again gave up two goals for the loss. Those results have left SKC in the middle of the pack in the Western Conference race. While it is early in the season it is important to accumulate points throughout, especially in home games against teams you're better than. On Wednesday April 13, the team celebrated their 20th year as a franchise with a rare mid-week match - “Retro Night" - played 20 years to the day of the first ever match, one which the Wiz won 3-0 against the same Colorado Rapids. Recalling the early days of the Kansas City “Wiz," Sporting’s merchandizing team created a [Read more...]

RECAP: Sporting KC falls to Real Salt Lake

Roster depth was tested as Matt Besler and Roger Espinoza, two players highlighted as important to Sporting's success, were both missing from the lineup as Sporting squared off against Western Conference rival Real Salt Lake on Saturday Night. They failed the test, losing 2-1 in front of a packed house. Besler was injured last week while training with the U.S. National Team when a ball was cleared by a teammate and struck him in the head, causing a concussion. Espinoza, the ball-hawking midfielder, was sent off for a red card tackle in the past game. In the past few seasons, Sporting has rarely had to manage without Besler at the center of defense, and ultimately it showed. Salt Lake had issues of their own coming into the contest. An uncharacteristic meltdown against Portland in their previous game left their central midfield bulldog Kyle Beckerman and starting center back Jamison Olave unavailable due to red cards. They amazingly also were missing six other players including [Read more...]

If You’re new to Soccer, here’s the Need to Know Basics

With the introductions out of the way, and all the pent up excitement you have to read about soccer, let’s get you informed about the team. It has been some time since KCSportsNation has written about soccer or Sporting, so let’s get up to speed on the state of the club. If you are from Kansas City, you live in a part of the country that within soccer circles is becoming a destination. Fans travel from other cities specifically to see the stadium and team. Players looking for a new club rave about the stadium, training facilities, locker rooms and ownership. The US National Team loves the city and the rabid support that they are given when they play important games in Kansas City. In fact it was just announced this week that Kansas City will host a US Men’s National Team game on Saturday May, 28 against Bolivia. Hosting national team games is becoming an annual tradition for Kansas City, yet for many cities it can be a rare occurrence. We should be proud of this honor as a [Read more...]

Soccer IS a Thing

This site was introduced to me recently by a friend, and I was asked if I would like to contribute with my views and experience as a soccer fan. STOP, don’t leave! The selling point was that “you know more about soccer than anyone I know”, so I have that going for me. I live, breath, bleed and die Kansas City sports. My first sports memory is watching Game 7 in 1985 with my dad. I had Chiefs season tickets for over 25 years and still attend most of the games each year. I was there for Lin Elliot, Tony G’s touchdown catch that wasn’t, the “no punt” game and every other heartbreaking ending the Chiefs has put us through. I watch nearly every Royals game and was lucky enough to go to many playoff games over the past two years. I also have had Wizards and now Sporting season tickets since the team began playing in 1996. I was an early member and president of the supports group named the Cauldron that many of you may have heard of, and am an avid US Men’s National Team fan. Oh, and I play [Read more...]