The 2017 Kansas City Royals season has had quite a lot of ups and downs, though there has been one constant: third baseman Mike Moustakas’ chase of Steve Balboni’s franchise’s single-season HR record. The elusive 36 HR mark is the lowest total by any franchise’s single-season home run king, and the Royals are the only franchise that has never seen one of their own eclipse 40 DONGS. In fact, no Major League Baseball player calling Kansas City home has ever made 40 trips to DONGTOWN. Bob Cerv of the Kansas City Athletics (1955-1967) hit 38 in 1958. His total stands as the best in Kansas City, but, let’s get to Balboni’s number first. His record has stood for over thirty years. Records are meant to be broken and this one needed to go down. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that fans don’t like Balboni. Many of us, that remember him, like him just fine. Baseball is a LONG season – a grind, a marathon and not a sprint. Kansas City Royals fans like to get behind a variety of things happening [Read more...]

What’s the deal with Jason La Canfora?

La Canfora “la Canfora” translates from Italian to English as “camphor" White…volatile…bitter… In my lifetime, I’ve *hated* one team. The Denver Broncos. I still hate them. I hate them because they are good and often beat my team, the Kansas City Chiefs. They’ve been good for a long, long time. It is a hatred that has developed over years and years of games. They play in the same division as my team. I feel my hatred is justified. Some (Broncos fans) would probably call my hate jealousy. So be it, they aren’t wrong. I own it. I hate them because they are almost always good. I want the Broncos to lose every time they take the field, against any opponent. Thanks to Jason La Canfora, I might hate two teams now. I am most definitely rooting for any team playing the Orioles from this point until the end of the 2016 season and postseason, if only to add to Mr. La Canfora’s frustration. Over the last two years, a professional football writer (CBS), Jason La Canfora has seemingly [Read more...]

Yordano being Yordano

Many Royals fans don’t like to talk about starting pitcher Yordano Ventura’s “reputation.” It is natural to want to defend your own. He is our guy, and he clearly has a lot of ability. Every Royals fan wants to see him be successful. What seems to be missing is his ability to cope with players that may take issue with him, or his own poor performances. Like it or not, he has a reputation in this game with opposing players, managers, and fans – the same way we view Brett Lawrie and the rest of the league views Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson or Colby Rasmus, like it or not. This reputation has been labeled in various ways from “hot head” to “douche bag.” It does exist, and those attempting to pretend it doesn’t are only fooling themselves. I am rooting for Yordano Ventura, and I will as long as he is a part of the Royals organization. I want nothing but success for him. I’ll likely want him to succeed even if he was to leave the team in the future. That said, at some point he is going to [Read more...]

The Best (and Worst) Royals moments of 2015

It's was a damn fine year, Kansas City. Not only did the Royals win the World Series (yes, that really happened) after coming up one game short in 2014 (and it took the greatest postseason pitching performance(s) to do so), but its been historic for our local teams, as the Chiefs - who set a NFL mark by being the first team to win eight games in a row (now 9) immediately after losing five in a row AND became only the second team to make the playoffs after starting 1-5 - are in the playoffs, marking the first time in their existence that both the Chiefs and Royals made the postseason in the same year. WOW. In the process, Andy Reid's 30 wins in three seasons, is the most ever by a Chiefs head coach in a 3-year span, as he has made the dance twice in three years and the year they didn't make it, they finished 9-7 and were not eliminated until the final week of the season. The story of the 2015 Chiefs is not over as the final chapter is yet to be written. But, the story that was 2015 for [Read more...]

#IHateTheRoyals: They Hate Us, Cause the Ain’t Us, Part 2

It seems impossible to believe, but this is a real thing. People actually say they HATE the Royals. For so long, the Royals were the pitiful franchise that simply facilitated games. They took the field, took their beating, and always looked to the future. Well, we’ve arrived in that future, and we all love it! Watching this team is incredibly fun, for us. We love their hustle, their attitude, postgame Gatorade dumps. All of it. Most other fan bases seem to hate it, and therefore, say they hate the Royals. I can understand that thought process. For a long time I thought I hated the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers. They were always good. They won every year. We lost, all the time. Looking back now, I don’t think I “hated” them. I was jealous. Like one of my favorite Tigers follows on Twitter says: “Comes with the territory. You’re winning. That’s all it takes.” – @Mim5453 Throughout the surprising run to the World Series last year, as underdogs, it seemed like most fan bases with no [Read more...]

As Royals win in 13 innings, Alex Gordon is one game closer to returning to a team that got A LOT better in his absence…what does his future hold?

This past weekend Royals left fielder Alex Gordon said he would be heading out on a rehab assignment as early as this coming weekend. That is great news for the American League’s best team. After tonight’s 3-1 extra-inning win, the Royals (72-46) have gone 23-13 (.638) in the 36 games without Gordon, surprisingly at a first glance, a BETTER winning percentage than they were with him (49-33/.598). But, with the moves the improvements the Royals made before the trade deadline, the Royals are a MUCH better team now than they were July 8 when Gordon went down with groin injury. Those additions – ace Johnny Cueto (2-1 as a Royal in four starts with a 1.80 ERA, 0.90 WHIP in 30 innings – better than his season numbers of 9-7, 2.46 ERA (0.93 WHIP) despite playing a grown ass man hitter’s league) and versatile do it all Ben Zobrist, have more than compensated for the loss of the All-Star Gordon. Adding his strong OBP bat (.394) to the lineup, and Platinum Glove to the field, will be huge for [Read more...]

I dunno, Yordano + ANOTHER Vargy injury = a once all-of-a-sudden crowded Royals rotation now at a crossroads…again

Yordano “Ace” Ventura has struggled in 2015. Fortunately for the Royals, his struggles haven’t really hurt the Royals in the standings. The AL Central’s leader won again tonight, 3-1, after six pitchers combined to out-duel MLB's wins-leader Gerrit Cole and the Pirates 3-1 behind a 3-run eighth inning after NOT having two runners on at the same time in an inning in the first seven innings. The best record in the American League (56-36) Royals have watched their Opening Day starter go through a number of things this season from ineffectiveness to immaturity. Why? No one really seems to know. He has had numbness in his fingers. Does that explain it? Is he experiencing the dreaded “sophomore slump”? Is there a mechanical flaw in his delivery? Is the talented young pitcher a “head case” as some suggest? Was James Shields’ presence in the rotation and clubhouse a key in Ventura’s success in 2014? I’d answer yes to all of the above. We’ll work backward. It may or may not be the “best” trade [Read more...]

Dusty’s unforgettable debut and ensuing social media hypocrisy

On Friday night we saw a player that many probably didn’t even realize was in the Royals organization, on the same day he was promoted from Omaha, make a base running error that could have cost the Royals a win. But, it was much more than that. Dusty Coleman, who was called up to take the place of Christian Colon as the team's utility infielder, really goofed up. In the bottom of the ninth with the score tied 2-2, Coleman was sent home by third base coach Mike Jirschele on a medium fly ball to right center field off the bat of Mike Moustakas. Coleman started home, then paused twice to look at the play in the field. That is a little league mistake. You either go or you don’t go. NEVER be undecided and get caught in the middle – which he was, and was eventually tagged out by first baseman Joe Mauer. A 5-man infield, 2-man outfield NEVER works, but, it did here, because Coleman, not because Paul Molitor’s strategy. The Royals eventually won the game, in the bottom of the 10th, and [Read more...]

A new rivalry brews in pretty much the most eventful & exciting April series one can ask for

This weekend’s series vs. the Oakland A’s was something, eh? What was supposed to be the bittersweet return of Billy Butler to Kansas City, became an ugly, hate fueled series in the top of the seventh inning of the opening game Friday night. With the score tied at 4 after a Stephen Vogt’s second home run off of starter Jeremy Guthrie (the third solo shot of the night against J-Guts), Kelvin Herrera enters the game to face A’s third baseman, Brett Lawrie. Lawrie hits the first pitch he sees, singling to right field. The next batter, Josh Reddick then hits a 3-1 pitch off of Herrera’s ankle, which deflects to Mike Moustakas coming in from third. Moustakas throws to Alcides Escobar covering second base for the force out on Lawrie. In this odd 1-5-6 putout attempt, there is simply no way on Earth Escobar is going to, or even attempt to, turn a double play. Coming into second base, Lawrie has zero focus on the bag and slides spikes high directly into Escobar’s left leg. Lawrie has to fully [Read more...]