Update on What We Know About Gordon’s Injury and the Royals Solution

In Wednesday night's win over the Rays, Royals fans were forced to watch on in horror as the heart and soul of the franchise lay motionless on the left field warning track. Alex Gordon had crumpled in obvious pain while pulling up before crashing into the wall like we had all seen him do 100 times before. Superman was down. He rolled his ankle. It looked like his knee buckled. Then, when we all breathed a sigh of relief and our hearts started working again when it was announced that he had a groin strain, although, it did not look good as he was carted off the field and Royals manager Ned Yost did not seem optimistic after the game, doing little to stem the worry when he proclaimed that Gordon could potentially be out for months. We were all still bracing ourselves for the worst? Had he potentially played his last game in a Royals uniform? Then, at a 10:45 presser this morning, Yost stated that Gordon has a Grade 2+ Groin Strain and is expected to miss eight weeks. Brandon [Read more...]

So long #CountryBreakfast, Hello #CubanBreakfast

Since May 1st, Billy Butler has hit .230/.289/.298 over the span of 47 games for the Oakland Athletics. He has played a grand total of two games this season at first base, meaning he has had one priority, and that is to hit the baseball. He has underwhelmed. There was much scuttle after the 2014 season when General Manager Dayton Moore chose to opt out of the contract that would have paid Billy somewhere in the neighborhood of $12 million for one more year of service. While looking back it seems like an important decision, at the time it seemed more a forgone conclusion than anything available for debate. It was expected. Royals fans have always had a love/hate relationship with Butler. While he has been a frustrating double play machine (twice leading the league, 2013 and 2010) he had still managed to become a fixture in the lineup. Every night, Billy would be there. From 2007 to 2015 he played in a total of 1,236 games and had 5,104 plate appearances. He ranks eighth all-time in [Read more...]

Mondesi and Cuthbert to represent Royals in Futures Game

It was announced today that Royals prospects Raul Mondesi and Cheslor Cuthbert have been chosen to represent the Royals in the Futures Game during the All-Star break on July 12th. Mondesi has been a hot prospect in the Royals minor league system since 2012 when he began playing for the organization at the very young age of 16. At only 19 years of age, he is currently hitting .270/.289/.426 at AA Northwest Arkansas and was rated as the 28th best prospect in baseball before the 2015 season by Baseball America. The slick fielding shortstop has managed to progress a step in the organization every year despite being one of the youngest in each. He is currently 5.3 years younger than the average player in AA. Scouts have often raved over the potential Mondesi possess and the organization is hoping he continues to stay ahead of schedule. As he grows older and stronger, he is beginning to unlock some of the power potential many have foreseen. So far this season in 32 games, he has [Read more...]

Ode to Yost: From ‘Because, Ned’ and ‘Yosted’ to the winningest Royals manager

The Royals record on May 13th, 2010 stood at 11-23 and they were mired in a stretch where they had lost 9 out of 11 games. In what had become a standard joke, the Royals were already looking at a season in which "next year" was going to be the phrase of the day. To stem the growing unrest of fans, General Manager Dayton Moore mercifully fired then head coach Trey Hillman. Hillman was a hot ticket item when the Royals got ahold of him out of Japan, but never managed to catch on, and was ultimately became a scapegoat as the promise once again didn't match the talent. Enter Edgar "Ned" Yost III. The writing on the wall was there for Hillman after Yost was hired as a "special assistant." Ned became the 19th manager in Kansas City Royals history, and took over managing in an organization known for its decades of losing. This might sound like a daunting task, and it certainly is, but Yost had experience with just such a situation when he succeeded Jerry Royster as the manager of the [Read more...]

The Dark Side to the Royals All Star Fan Vote Dominance

MLB.com released the most recent update of the All-star game standings in regards to the fan vote. The Kansas City Royals continue to set the pace with three players leading the entire AL in voting (Lorenzo Cain, Salvador Perez and Mike Moustakas). Perez leads second-place catcher Stephen Vogt by 1.3 million votes. Wow. Royals fans seem intent on widening the margin for many of their own favorites in Royals Blue and have continued to vote early and often, even finding a second wind after the first results showed the fruits of their labor. Many around the nation have undoubtedly followed suit after they became somewhat of a darling in last years playoffs and eventually represented the league in the World Series. At the end of the day, for the first time in a long time, this team matters. Fans care and there has certainly been a resurgence in the baseball town that is Kansas City. It shows in the All-Star voting. Sure, it may be stuffing ballot boxes, but lets face it….is there any [Read more...]

If balloting ended today, Royals would send five starters to All-Star game

When the Kansas City Royals won the American League in 2014, it did more than just end a 29 year drought of futility. It caused a bit of a wave. Teams and fans were forced to take notice that the team that had long stood as the punching bag was now in the position they themselves longed to be in. Being in the World Series is an incredible feat that puts the contestants in full view of the entire nation. And when you shine brightly on the national stage, the nation begins to take notice. MLB.com released the first update of the All-Star ballot poll and, amazingly, five Royals would be starting the game if voting ended today. That's right, you read that correct. Half of the starting lineup would be from the lowly Royals. Catcher Salvador Perez is the top overall vote-getter of EVERYONE with 1,447,753 votes. Second overall? Royals centerfielder Lorenzo Cain. They currently have more votes than Mike Trout. Of course, as always, with All-Star voting, this must be taken with a grain of [Read more...]

Royals win yesterday had much significance

The Kansas City Royals managed to keep reigning AL Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber winless for the year. With a 7-4 victory, Kluber was hung with the loss that now drops his season record to 0-5 in seven starts. By allowing 5 runs over 5 2/3 innings, his ERA rose to an un-majestic 5.04 and it has only been getting worse. On the mound for the Royals was darling of the staff Edinson Volquez, who also pitched himself into a dilly of a pickle. After forming a blister on his thumb Volquez was yanked after only completing 3 innings. Our two best pitchers so far, Volquez and Duffy, went out and combined for four total innings of terrible baseball, but the Royals still won one of them and the series - their sixth (6-2-1) in nine series, remaining in first place at 18-10, one-half game ahead of Detroit, who the Royals begin a three-game series tonight in Detroit, featuring the return of Yordano Ventura from his seven-game suspension. Volquez saw his ERA rise to 2.65. So even with this [Read more...]

Mike Alden sets end date as Mizzou AD, what legacy will he leave?

  The tenure of Mike Alden as the Athletic Director of the University of Missouri is coming to an end. Alden announced via press release on Thursday afternoon that he will be leaving the post on August 31 of 2015 as the second longest tenured AD (behind Don Faurot, 1946-66) in university history. Alden came to Mizzou in 1998 from Southwest Texas (now Texas State), where he was hired as the Athletic Director in 1996. He began his career in administration at Arizona State in 1985. He was hired by Mizzou on July 16, 1998, succeeding Joe Caastiglione in the position. Today, in a presser, he said, “Our family has been so blessed by this institution. If you think about the things that are going on in our community and the amazing opportunities that are out there in front of our University and our athletic programs, if you truly want to try to be selfless, if you truly want to be a servant leader, if you truly want to let other people be the drum major, and you really believe that [Read more...]