Conference Realignment Update Oct 28, 2011: West Virginia announced as Big 12’s newest member, Missouri-to-SEC formal announcement looms

1:44 pm: Conference realignment continues to change, hourly. West Virginia has formally been announced as the Big 12's 10th team, replacing Missouri, who still hasn't officially left yet. According to the Big 12, West Virginia will begin competing next year in all sports. The official release from the Big 12, from their website: The Big 12 Conference Board of Directors have voted unanimously to accept West Virginia University as a full conference member effective July 1, 2012. The Mountaineers will begin competing in the Big 12 beginning with the 2012-13 athletic season. ... Beginning with the 2012-13 season it is expected that the Big 12 Conference will be comprised of 10 Universities – Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas, Texas Tech and West Virginia. The Big 12’s footprint will encompass five states with over 36 million people. More than 4,100 student-athletes from across the United States and around the World compete annually [Read more...]

Conference Realignment Update Oct 27, 2011: Big 12 Circus Act continues as West Virginia (Big 12 invite now on hold) and Louisville battle for last spot…or do they?

7:17 pm: What the hell is going on with the Big 12? 24 hours after reportedly voting in, accepting, and informing West Virginia it was the Big 12's newest member, and Missouri's replacement, the Mountaineers status with the Big 12 is now in-limbo. What a circus act. CBS' Brett McMurphy says West Virginia and the Big 12 had a press release read and West Virginia acknowledges it had a offer, and now it is off the table. Why? Because some, most notably Oklahoma President David Boren, want Louisville instead. Here is the main issue: The majority of the Big 12 universities prefer Louisville, but the TV networks prefer West Virginia. The battle is on. Pete Thamel, of The New York Times, wrote yesterday that the whole thing is in a holding pattern and that it's a 50-50 deal between WVU and Louisville. LINK: Big 12 may add Louisville, not West Virginia

Conference Realignment Update: Oct 25, 2011: Missouri still on course for SEC, West Virginia to Big 12 and a potential 32-team mega-conference

9:48 pm: Still have no confirmation that West Virginia is having a press conference tomorrow to announce their move to the Big 12. Earlier today several media outlets were reporting West Virginia would make an announcement Wednesday. CBS' Brett McMurphy was one of the first to break the West Virginia to the Big 12 story news, tweeted tonight, "Contrary to media reports, there is no press conference scheduled for Wednesday concerning WVU's conference affiliation." I post this tweet just for its humorous aspect. McMurphy was one the media reports claiming a Wednesday presser. Regardless, West Virginia is coming to the Big 12 and will replace Missouri WHEN, not if, it goes to the SEC. About 10 days ago, Conference USA and Mountain West announced a conference affiliation for football only. Currently, that would consist of 22 schools, with two 11 team divisions and a conference championship game with hopes of receiving a BCS automatic berth. Five of those current schools -- [Read more...]

Missouri to the SEC update: Oct 24, 2011: Missouri still in Big 12?

Brian Graham, KC SportsNation 8:30 pm: More answers about why Missouri did not withdraw from the Big 12 today. A university source indicated today was too soon for Chancellor Brady Deaton to work out details with both the Big 12 and SEC. Then why all the indications that today was the day? It is possible that some new stuff was added to the table today, that Deaton and Missouri are now considering. It appears the Big 12 presidents discussed a league-wide network, something Missouri has been a proponent of, at the Big 12 Board of Directors Meeting today. This could be another reason Deaton didn't present the withdraw papers to the Big 12. Would a Big 12 Network be enough to get Missouri to stay? Perhaps. But I think Missouri is at the point of no return. They have gone too far to return. Stay tuned...

Mizzou expected to withdraw from Big 12 Today

Brian Graham, KC SportsNation Missouri Chancellor Brady Deaton will attend the Big 12 Presidents meeting today in Dallas, and is expected to announce Missouri's conditional withdraw (pending acceptance into another conference) from the Big 12, in person. Deaton has a good relationship with the other presidents and wants to personally shake hands with them. Deaton worked hard to save the Big 12 and wants to maintain some of the relationships so that they may have a working relationship down the line. Also, Deaton is a genuinely nice guy and is a class-act and he feels this is something he needs to do face-to-face. If this is the case, kudos to him. I would like to be in that room. While nothing is official, YET, Missouri is expected to be the SEC's 14th team and will be placed in the SEC East with Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and South Carolina and their permanent non-divisional rivalry will be Texas A&M, and not Arkansas as originally thought. [Read more...]

Conference Realignment Update: Oct 19, 2011: Is Mizzou as good as gone?

Conference Realignment/Expansion has been a real attention whore, hasn't she? If she goes away, or is overshadowed by actual games, she always comes back. The Missouri Board of Curators (BOC) are scheduled to meet Thursday afternoon at 3:45 pm and again Friday morning in closed sessions and is expected to ask for a "conditional release" from the Big 12 Conference. The condition would be Missouri can stay if the SEC pulls the rug out at the last second. One must ask, why would the Big 12 agree to that? It is a smart move by Mizzou, because it is possible the SEC could get "cold feet" and backs out at the last second. But what would the Big 12 think if Missouri decided to stay? How would they be treated, what would the reaction of the other schools to be toward Missouri and how would their opinions be viewed on future issues? I guess if Missouri gets shunned, it is deservedly so. I think at this point everyone is ready for Mizzou to announce what its going to do, so the rest [Read more...]

Conference Realignment Update Oct 11, 2011: TCU officially accepts Big 12 invite, Air Force turns down Big 12, lobbies for Big East and Missouri update

Its official. TCU is the newest member of the Big 12. TCU's Board of Trustees unanimously approved Monday acceptance of an invitation to join the Big 12. TCU will become the Big 12's 10th member in July 2012, replacing Texas A&M, who will leave for the SEC at the same time. The Big 12 lost Colorado to the Pac-12 and Nebraska to the Big Ten previously effective for this academic year. TCU is the first addition to the conference since its formation in 1996, when the Big Eight merged with four members (Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Texas Tech) of the now-defunct Southwest Conference. TCU was also a member of the Southwest Conference. "We have made the promised land," Athletic Director Chris Del Conte said.

Conference Realignment Update: Thur Oct 6, 2011: TCU expected join Big 12 for 2012 season

The Big 12 Presidents and Chancellors have agreed to invite TCU to the league. If TCU accepts, which it is anticipated that they will, it will be TCU's 6th conference since 2005. A friend of mine gave them a suitable title, "Little Orphan of D-1." Classic. TCU is expected to pay a $5 million exit fee to the Big East -- a conference they NEVER competed in -- and will be a member of the Big 12 for the 2012-2013 academic/athletic year. TCU was scheduled to join the Big East on July 1, 2012. Everyone is reporting it as a done deal, and it is expected to be announced later today. TCU chancellor Victor J. Boschini told the Big East Thursday they have scheduled a board of regents meeting today where "we expect to accept an offer to join the Big 12." A statement from the Big 12: "Acting upon a unanimous recommendation of its expansion subcommittee, the Big 12 Conference Board of Directors this morning authorized negotiations with Texas Christian University to become the [Read more...]

Conference Realignment Update Oct 5, 2011: Bill Self comments on MU-KU rivalry’s future if Mizzou bolts for SEC

7:35 am: Bill Self had some strong comments in regards to what could happen to the MU-KU rivalry if MU and KU would no longer be in the same conference. "To me it’s a great rivalry, one of the best in college basketball without question, but I don’t think I would be interested in having a once a year game like I did when I was at Illinois, playing Missouri,” the Kansas basketball coach told the Lawrence Journal-World on Tuesday night. "I could probably change my mind (but) trust me, we would have no trouble finding another nonleague game to play. I love the rivalry. Playing home and home in the league is great and all those things ... (but) I can’t imagine, why would we continue playing? If they choose to be somewhere other than with us and with the other schools that they’ve been a part of and could jeopardize the future of the other schools ... I’m not going to make a commitment now that we’d ever play again. I’m not saying we won’t. I’m certainly not going to pretend that we [Read more...]