Conference Realignment Update: Oct 4, 2011: Missouri’s BOC votes unanimously to give Chancellor Deaton power to explore conference affiliation

10:29 pm: Remember when everyone bashed Nebraska, then Texas A&M for leaving the Big 12, saying they "couldn't compete?" Well Missouri fans, it will be thrust upon you now after the Missouri Board of Curators gave Chancellor Brady Deaton the authority to explore conference affiliation. To me, this is the last major hurdle Missouri has to leap to leave the Big 12. Officially, MU hasn't stated it is leaving the Big 12. But it sure as hell doesn't sound like they're staying. Missouri had two choices today, "We are proud members of the Big 12" or today's result. You tell me, what you think today's decision means. If they are posturing for more leverage, they can't posture any further. But, remember Oklahoma did the same thing and everyone thought they were headed to Pac-12 and didn't leave. This doesn't mean Missouri is gone, but it sure seems that way. I think Missouri is gone. I'd say its about a 80-90% chance. More telling signs: 1) It doesn't take four hours to [Read more...]

Conference Realignment Update: Sept 29, 2011

Another day, more twist and turns in the continuing, exhausting saga known as conference realignment/expansion. The major news of the day comes from the Big 12 expanding. Indications are, via twitterverse, that BYU will become the Big 12's 10th member, and an announcement could come as early as Saturday. The Upset Blog first broke it, "Our source confirms BYU has accepted to join the Big 12 in principle. Then BYUDeep Throwt (AWESOME NAME) confirms it, "Decision to accept was made last night (Wednesday)." Baylor's paid website reported that BYU's announcement will come Saturday. As some others began reporting, such as Cincy's paid site, that TCU, Louisville, Cincinnati and West Virginia will also join, giving the Big 12 14 teams.

Conference Realignment Update: Wed Sept 28, 2011: A little of this, a little of that…blah, blah, blah

Conference realingment/expansion rumors continue to drag on. Someone please wake me up when its over. Will it ever end? But as long as their are rumors, speculation and/or news over realignment and expansion to report, we will do our best to bring it to you and what we think it means. 10:10 pm: Neinas continues to show confidence that Missouri is not leaving, go as far as to say he is "confident" Missouri will stay. Maybe he is saying what he has to, or 1) He really believe it or 2) He has no clue. Here is a Yahoo article by Ralph D Russo: Neinas says he thinks losing the rivalry with Kansas, which includes the second longest football rivalry in the nation, and the Big 12 Conference Tournament in Kansas City annually may be enough to make Missouri reconsider leaving. I like both those are two things Missouri would greatly miss if leaving for the SEC. Although, I think the Kansas rivalry would [Read more...]

Conference Realignment Update: Sept 27, 2011

2:21 pm: I tried to stay away from realignment/expansion as long as I could and actually enjoy some football this weekend. There is some news to pass along. First off, over the weekend Texas A&M formally joined the SEC. No surprise here. It was all but a formality. With the loss of Texas A&M official, the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports all the Focus on Mizzou, who last week didn't necessarily sound like a school that was "all-in" for a reformed Big 12. Things got interesting last night when their reports surfaced that West Virginia was going to be the SEC's 14th team, less than a week after it was said they were declined by both the ACC and SEC. This was started via a tweet from 97.3 FM ESPN radio in New Jersey, hosted by a West Virginia alum, "I'm hearing #WVU will leave Big East, for the SEC. Expect announcement by weekend." Two hours later he added, "Hearing there will be a press conference on Wednesday to announce that #WVU will be a member of the SEC." That [Read more...]

Conference Expansion Update, Thur Sept 22: The Big 12 lives? Beebe out, Neinas in

7:57 pm: What just happened? I still don't know. The only thing that is clear is Dan Beebe is out as Big 12 Commissioner and Chuck Neinas has been named as his interim replacement. It appears the Big 12 has agreed, in principle, to remain together. IT APPEARS. Missouri scheduled a press conference for 6:45, but of course Oklahoma couldn't be upstaged and scheduled one for 15 minutes earlier, clearly trying to steal Missouri's thunder. "What is Boren doing upstaging the chairman of the Big 12 Board of Directors (Deaton)?" one Big 12 administrator wondered aloud. "That's just uncalled for." Oklahoma President David Boren was clear and to the point, while Missouri President Brady Deaton was very, very vague. Some things we certainly know: Beebe is gone, and his interim replacement, as expected, is former Big 8 Commissioner (1971-80) Chuck Neinas. Texas A&M is free to go and all nine remaining schools have agreed to a new 6-year grant of television rights tied to the [Read more...]

Conference Expansion Update, Wed Sept 21

10:56 pm: So I step out for a few hours to have some me time on the basketball court (a big Thank You to Jeff Graves for the five powerhouse dunks) and I missed some action. If you want to follow conference realignment, you really can't sleep or do anything fun. Anyhow, according to KC Star's Mike DeArmond, Dan Beebe is on his way out as the Big 12 Commissioner, and the resignation will be announced tomorrow. Remember when I said this a month ago (Dan Beebe's Resignation a must)? If I can figure this out, why can't a damn conference? I will continue to my prediction that his replacement will be former Big 8 Commissioner Chuck Neinas. Nienas helped Oklahoma hire AD Joe Castigleone and Missouri AD Mike Alden. More on this soon... Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel continues to voice his concern with the Big 12. Earlier in the day, he called the Big 12 "a sad embarrassment." A few weeks ago on Tim Brando's national TV show, he said that the Big 12 needs serious repair work [Read more...]

Our fix for conference realingment scheduling concerns

As somebody that is a huge college football fan, I am very weary of how the landscape is changing.  I am however all for super conferences if it means we are going to get a college football playoff, and finally be rid of the BCS. Here is my proposal about how these super conferences should handle their scheduling. Each 16-team conference should move to a four, four-team pod system, based on regions as much as possible.  I think, that the biggest roadblock in the super conference’s path is the thought that rivalries are going to die and be forgotten. Remember that is on aspect that the failing Big 12 did not take seriously when it formed in 1996? The new Big 10, however, has seen that and make sure that it keeps those rivalry or trophy games intact.  In a given year in conference play a team would play the three teams in its own pod, play another pod and then one team from the remaining 2 pods. They would play a home and home series with that other pod for two years then rotate to [Read more...]

Dan Beebe Rip VanWinkles the Big 12

Brian Graham, KCSportsNation After Texas A&M, one of the Big 12 Conferences “big three” along with Texas and Oklahoma in the “Big 12 money grab” announced September 2 that it was leaving the Big 12 Conference, certainly destined for the SEC, the question remains, what will conference commissioner Dan Beebe do next? The question should read, what will Dan Beebe DO because he has not done anything in the past 15 months besides sign a long-term, lucrative football television contract.