Because…it’s Ned

Fuck You, Ned Yost. Fuck your hat, fuck your face and fuck your couch. Because…you’re you. Before going further, I may use the word “FUCK” here like a Smurf uses the word “Smurf”. I am irritated. Look, I know managers don’t play the games in the MLB, and don’t have huge effect on the outcomes. Ned Yost tries and succeeds. Well, succeeds at being unsuccessful. That is why when someone text me and/or ask me why such and such is happening, my best answer anymore is, “Because, its Ned” and anymore, its the most suitable answer. Ned kills me. Don’t get me started on bunting. What in the FUCKING hell led you to believe that leaving a battered (13 hits!) Jeremy Guthrie, in the game late, after he had CLEARLY gotten by on luck throughout the day, was a good move? Against the FUCKING TIGERS?!? One of the best lineups we see 19 times a year. Only the most arrogant and ignorant managers leaves Guthrie in after the sixth or seventh when he was clearly getting by on luck. I mean, its not like [Read more...]

This stuff is awesome and made us laugh, you should like it too (5/27/13)

Some awesome stuff from the past week, some sports related, some not. Enjoy. There are all sorts of mistakes in this one, brought to you by our very own Fox Sorts Kansas City. I guess they are taking after the very team they broadcast. How many mistakes can you find? Instead of Bryce Harper they named him “Bryce Hunter.” Bryce Harper plays for the Washington Nationals and not the Detroit Tigers. They listed Matt Harvey as “Matt Jones.” Matt Harvey plays for the New York Mets and not for the Baltimore Orioles. They got Manny Machado’s name correct, but then put him on the Chicago White Sox instead of the Orioles. I am not sure if this is foreshadowing, but as of right now superstar Mike Trout is currently a member of the Los Angeles Angels and not the New York Yankees. And there was this gem from Thursday night as a fan ran onto the field at the K…and stole the rosin bag: This is the best rosin bag incident this year since the Pirates April Fools joke on pitcher AJ [Read more...]

Epic FAIL: Hofstra basketball players rob head coach

Four Hofstra University were arrested for allegedly breaking into dorm rooms on campus and stealing cash, computers and other items. Though the players - Jimmy Hall, Shaquille Stokes, Dallas Anglin and Kentrell Washington - have been suspended pending the outcome of the legal proceedings, there’s little chance they’ll return to the team, probably because they robbed their head coach, Mo Cassara. That is right, they even broke into Cassara's home. Stokes, the team's leading scorer, was charged with five counts of second-degree burglary; Washington was charged with two counts of second-degree burglary; Hall was charged with four counts of second degree burglary; and Anglin was charged with one count of second-degree burglary and one count of tampering with physical evidence. The break-ins and robberies from October 4th – November 5th. Hofstra is 3-4 and with four major contributors likely done for the year, the Pride - formerly know as the Flying Dutchmen - it will go from bad to [Read more...]

Video: The volleyball spike heard around the world

Don’t ever let anyone fooling you into thinking high school volleyball isn't a contact sport. These girls in Iowa will literally destroy you with a single spike. And if a berth in the state championship is on the line? That was the case in the Fort Madison/Winfield-Mount Union matchup, after one brutal spike led to a Winfield-Mount Union being hit in the face (she’s fine, we hear). Play close attention as the ball ricochets off the girls face and trips up a student as he walks to the concession stand. This is just an all-around great video. Trinity would go on to win, because there’s no justice in the world.

Epic FAIL Video: Illinois QB Nathan Scheelhasse denied by referee during celebration

After scoring Saturday in a 31-14 loss at Wisconsin, former Rockhurst standout and Illinois QB Nathan Scheelhaase tried to involve the back judge, but well, lets just say he was denied. See the moment for yourself, in all of its GIF’ed glory, via CBS Sports: Notice how the back judge does everything in his power to get out of the way.