Epic FAIL Video: Illinois QB Nathan Scheelhasse denied by referee during celebration

After scoring Saturday in a 31-14 loss at Wisconsin, former Rockhurst standout and Illinois QB Nathan Scheelhaase tried to involve the back judge, but well, lets just say he was denied. See the moment for yourself, in all of its GIF’ed glory, via CBS Sports: Notice how the back judge does everything in his power to get out of the way.  

The DENNY MATTHEWS Drinking Game

To add to your listening pleasure of KC Royals baseball on the AM dial, gather up some friends and dive into the Denny Matthews Drinking Game. Courtesy of Royals Review, the details of an exciting - and likely intoxicating - Royals radio broadcast drinking game. *Special Note* Any and all beverages acceptable. Mountain Dew is acceptable for those not yet of age or have to work the next day. HERE WE GO!: "Gone." – Social! Everyone clinks their drinks and takes a gulp. Spells a player’s name – 1 drink Mentions a player’s hometown – 1 drink Tells a story about that town – another drink "There she goes." – This is reserved for the rare no-doubter home run ball. Round of shots. Mentions the good old days, but can’t reveal how crazy the times were due to either memory or FCC constraints. – 1 drink Bad puns. For example, "Mike Trout goes fishing on that one." – 1 drink with a 2 drink multiplier for each pun added, such as mentioning Tim Salmon was also an Angel. So 3 [Read more...]