Chiefs Season Grades

COACHES Todd Haley – D As much as I actually like Haley and believe he had potential as a head coach, it is clear that his inability to get along with his boss lead to his own demise.  It is also clear that in an effort to stick it up Pioli’s ass, Haley made some poor coaching decisions – playing Palko and not playing Gaither.  The specifics of the futile relationship may never be known, so it is hard to judge how much blame to assign Haley for the dysfunction.  Bottom line is, the Chiefs weren’t getting to the Super Bowl with a rift like that between the GM and coach. Bill Muir – F Who knows how much control Muir really had over the offense this season, but at the end of the day he was the offensive coordinator of a Chiefs team that set a franchise low mark of average points scored per game.   Even after some improvement when Orton took over, the red zone efficiency was awful.

It’s Your Show Romeo

No surprise here as the Kansas City Chiefs officially made Romeo Crennel their head coach.  This seems the best situation for the Chiefs as it becomes clear Pioli is not an attractive GM to work for and Crennel has an established relationship with him.  The biggest concern now is finding a offensive and defensive coordinator.  It also seems likely the Chiefs will stick with Matt Cassel as the Chiefs' QB next year and they need to find a strong O-coordinator that can play to Cassel's strengths like Charlie Weis was able to do.  Josh McDaniels is out, but I won't shed a tear for that.

Chiefs WILL end Tebow-mania as Orton returns to Denver to face Donkey’s

Brian Graham, KC SportsNation Yes, the Chiefs season is over. But they can accomplish a lot today with a win, I mean WHEN they WIN. 1) Tebow-mania will come to an end, THANK GOD (irony?). Not only will this make Chiefs fans happy, but also the Tebow haters nationwide. ESPN's Stephen A. Smith on "First Take" all but begged the Chiefs to win so Tebow-Mania will go away. Washington Times: Is Tim Tebow Satan? 2) The Chiefs will ruin the Broncos season in Denver on the last week of the season for the second time in three years. Remember this one when Jamaal Charles ran for 1,000 or so yards at Denver on Jan. 3, 2010 (ok, it was a franchise-record 259 yards) in a 44-24 blowout of the Broncos, who started the year 6-0 and missed the playoff thanks to the 4-12 Chiefs. See the video: Charles runs wild In that game, Derrick Johnson also had two interception returns for TD's. 3) Just ruining the Broncos season will be joyous, even if that means the Raiders make the [Read more...]

Pro Bowlin!

Linebackers Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson are selected for the Pro Bowl. ESPN - Perfect sense: Kansas City may be in last place but linebackers Derrick Johnson and Tamba Hali are top-level players. They both deserve this honor. They are building-block players on a young defense. Johnson is a tackling machine and Hali, who has 12 sacks, is one of the better pass-rushers in the NFL. KC Star - Crennel praises Pro Bowl linebackers KC Star - Orton has chance to stick it to the Broncs Arrowhead Addict - Chiefs vs Broncos Injury Report      

Chiefs Grades vs Raiders 12/24/2011

This is what I felt like doing after the game...   Cooler heads prevailed.  My in-laws probably would have been pissed. Coaching - C The defensive gameplan was good.  They took away the running game of the Raiders and forced Carson Palmer into two interceptions.  If it weren't for two backbreaking bombs by the Raiders, the 13 points the Chiefs put up would have been plenty.  Chiefs were again able to move the ball both passing and rushing.  However, the red zone woes continued.  The coaching staff has to figure out some better plays to call inside the 10 yard line.  Our offensive line doesn't get a good push against goal line defenses which was also apparent when we couldn't gain two inches on a 4th down play. Kyle Orton - C So this is why Orton keeps getting traded/released.  Orton has better tools than any QB on the Chiefs roster, but two interceptions when the Chiefs were in scoring position will keep you changing addresses.

Chiefs Daily Links – Chiefs vs Raiders and lets go Lions and Bills!

Andrew says: I just had to post this picture again on Chiefs vs Raiders Eve.  Perhaps it's just the season but I am somehow suddenly optimistic about the Chiefs chances to make the playoffs.  Yes, I love alcoholic egg nog, but I'm not drunk.  I know the Chiefs still need a lot of help.  Denver has to lose to the Bills and the Chargers have to lose one of their final two games.  But is that really that far fetched?  I don't think so.  Both teams are playing on the road this week.  If both lose and the Chiefs win tomorrow, it would set up an epic showdown against Tebow and the Broncos for the division championship for the final game of the regular season. *** Brian says: In 2006, the Chiefs needed a lot of help. They had to beat Jacksonville, New England had to beat Tennessee, Pittsburgh had to beat Cincy and San Francisco had to beat Denver - all on the same day. All happened. Even at 6-8, the Chiefs chances to make the playoffs are BETTER than the 2006 scenario. Think about [Read more...]

Chiefs Grades vs Packers 12/18

Coaching A Romeo’s on-the-job interview for the head coaching position in Kansas City got off to an excellent start.  In a game in which the Chiefs were universally given no chance, Romeo had a winning gameplan to keep the ball out of Aaron Rodgers hands.  It worked.  The Chiefs offense sustained long drives and possessed the ball for 36 minutes, leaving Rodgers with very few opportunities to score.  He put the best quarterback on the field for the Chiefs and saw the offense finally come alive.  And his defense kept the best quarterback in the league to one of his worst showings this season.  There were some coaching gaffes, with too many men or too few men on the field, and a strange coach’s challenge in the first half, but overall beating Green Bay is a hell of an attention grabber for Pioli. Kyle Orton A This is probably too high a grade, but I feel like a man who has been wandering in a quarterback desert this season and that performance was like a Gatorade thirst [Read more...]

Gameday Arrowheadlines 12-18-11: Orton starts, Chiefs vs. Packers

Happy trails, Shane Falco, I mean Tyler Palko...personally, I wish we had Falco. He was a winner.           Romeo Crennel's first personnel decision involved Tyler Palko's tricycle offense. Palko, who went 1-3 in four starts, produced very little under center, leading the Chiefs on just two touchdown drives - both touchdown passes of the "throw it up for grabs" variety - while turning the ball over eight times, averaging just eight points per game. Crennel is a man of his word. He said earlier this week of the quarterback situation, "One has a finger, one is a rookie and the other isn't any good." He then added  that Orton would be the starter "if healthy" and rookie Ricky Stanzi would play if he was not healthy, sending Palko down the depth chart. He also implied that Palko would not play another down as a Chief "barring an emergency." Today he is inactive, and his day as a Chief are numbered. I think his days in the NFL are [Read more...]

Who’s the next Chiefs coach? Ass kissers only says Pioli

Scott Pioli just fired the wrong guy.  But firing himself would have been unprecedented and dumb.  Clark Hunt wasn’t going to fire Pioli.  When he was hired he was the hottest potential GM around, and he still has some of that collateral to play with.   So with the relationship between Haley and Pioli cold as ice, it was Haley who had to go.  I get that, but it doesn’t make it right. To be clear, Haley was not fired because of what happened on the field this season.  It only allowed Pioli to fire Haley for his real reason, he didn’t like Haley. Reports are now surfacing that Pioli would have liked to rid himself of Haley even after last season, but couldn’t on the back of a division championship and playoff appearance. Granted, the Chiefs didn’t look great this season, but pulling 5 wins out of this team with this roster is a coaching feet in and of itself.  The injuries themselves would have normally warranted some cushion for many coaches, especially after overachieving last [Read more...]

Arrowheadlines 12/13: Haley issues statement, player reaction, Crennel’s first words as head coach, more (links)

Todd Haley released a statement after his firing: "First, I would like to thank Clark Hunt and the Kansas City Chiefs for giving me the opportunity to coach this historic franchise. Growing up in the NFL, watching my Dad help build those great Pittsburgh Steeler teams, I have a profound love for this league. This opportunity has been a dream come true. “I would like to sincerely thank my coaches and my players for their commitment and loyalty throughout my time with the Chiefs. “I would like to thank all of the great Chiefs fans. My wife, Chrissy, and I would also like to thank the city of Kansas City for welcoming us and our five children and making us feel at home. “I am proud to have been a part of continued improvement and the first AFC West title since 2003. This year has been extremely challenging, but despite losing several key players to injury and free agency, we have been able to remain competitive and remain in contention with three games remaining in the season. [Read more...]