Haley fired by Chiefs

First announced by the Chiefs website , Head Coach Todd Haley has been "relieved of his duties" effective immediately. "This was a difficult decision but one that we feel is best for the future of the Chiefs," Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt said. "Although there have been bright spots at different points this season, we have not made meaningful progress and we felt that it was necessary to make a change. We appreciate Todd's contributions during his time with the club, and we wish him well in the future." It seemed like this was coming after Sunday's miserable 37-10 loss to the Jets, where Haley was called out by an official on the stadium speakers for a personal foul unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The KC Star predicted the firing: Todd Haley's Days With The Chiefs Should Be Over. It has been widely speculated that Haley and GM/President Scott Pioli's relationship was deteriorating, even as the season began. "Todd helped this team in many valuable ways over the past three [Read more...]

Defending Todd Haley

Cassel being hurt may be a blessing in disguise for Todd Haley's job security.  He probably should have had a pass before the Cassel injury when he lost the best offensive and possibly best defensive players on the team.  Now he should have one for sure.  However, some people in the media around Kansas City seem to think Haley is toast no matter what. In my opinion, there is no way Todd Haley should be fired.  In fact, I think it would be downright foolish.  How quickly we forget, it was just last year that Todd Haley surprised the league by leading the Chiefs to a division title and the playoffs, even receiving some consideration for coach of the year.  No doubt the Chiefs benefited from an easy schedule last year and the early hypothesis for this season was that the tougher schedule would make it difficult for the Chiefs to repeat last year's playoff appearance.  Here’s how I projected this season to go compared to actual results: As you can see, the Chiefs are about where [Read more...]

Chiefs Grades vs. Bears

  Coaching C+ (Defense A, Offense F) Another dominating performance by Romeo’s D.  Although they are starting a back-up QB, holding any NFL team to 3 points is impressive.  The offense was again a different story, and although they did finally break their TD drought, it came off a hail-mary pass before the half.  It appeared the offense got a little gun shy this week, and with good reason (Palko’s 7 turnovers).  They seemed content to play it safe and hope Chicago’s QB would lose the game before ours did.  It worked. Shane Falco C This is about the best we can expect from Palko.  It’s not great.  But if the defense comes to play it will give us a chance.

Tyler Palko to Start Sunday…wait…what!?

All indication are that the Chiefs will stick with TP the TO Machine for at least another week.  Orton says he's ready.  Even if Orton only knows half the playbook, so long as he can remember that he no longer plays for the Bears, he should be starting. KC Star: Palko and Orton split practice snaps

Chiefs Daily Links (11-29-11)

Todd Haley: "So I was talking to Kurt Warner the other night..." Kansas City Star Video   KC Star:  Who will start at quarterback for the Chiefs this Sunday? KC Star: Chiefs Release OT Gaither Arrowhead Pride: Chiefs promote OT David Mims from practice squad

Chiefs Grades vs. Steelers – November 27th

Coaching B The Chiefs defense is on its way to becoming dominating.  Since week 2, our defense is giving up less than 20 points a game. All the more impressive considering how inept our offense has been, which translates to the defense being on the field a ton and having to deal with defending short fields all season.  Credit to Romeo Crennel who’s defense appears to be improving every week.  The offensive gameplan was solid, but 4 turnovers by the quarterback will never lead to a lot of points.  This loss was not on the coaching this week.  This team appeared prepared and motivated.  The failure was execution on the field.   Tyler Palko F Did this Pitt graduate and Pittsburgh native secretly want the Steelers to win?  With how bad some of those interceptions were, maybe he thought he was wearing black and gold.

Chiefs Updates – November 25th

- Orton joined the Chiefs' practice today, but will likely be 3rd string for the game Sunday night.    Orton joins Chiefs for practice - Haley tells Pittsburgh media that he likes his men to be like his beard - burly.  Haley likes Pennsylvania players  - Get ready P&L, Westport, The Plaza, and Funky Town...Kyle Orton's here:                                                

Arrowheadlines: Chiefs Links 11-17-11

KC Star: Chiefs' Stanzi A Step Closer To Taking The Field As A Rookie QB "We have to get Tyler Palko ready to go," Haley said. "That's the same issue we had with Matt. We still have to give the No. 2 a couple of snaps in each period to make sure that we're at least giving him a chance to not only see the game plan but feel it a little bit. We'll stay kind of status quo that way." In New England on Monday night, Stanzi will be more than just a sideline bystander. "My role has kind of been amped up and I have to respond to that," he said. "When you're inactive, there's no chance of playing. Now there is. That's a different responsibility altogether, a different mentality."   Washington Post: Chiefs Take Patchwork Offense On The Road For Monday Night Game Vs Patriots The Kansas City Chiefs will lean on a journeyman quarterback, a running back who's spent most of his career on special teams and a tight end who has a hard time catching when the play at New England on [Read more...]

Chiefs Grades – November 13th vs Broncos

  Well, the word is getting out.  Blitz the Chiefs and the game is over.  Miami did it last week and Denver picked up right where the Dolphins left off.  The Chiefs seemingly have no answer for it and I don’t think one is coming soon.  The O-line isn’t good enough to pick it up and Matt Cassel can’t make reads quick enough to make defenses pay for blitzing.  That game was embarrassing. Coaching F Tim Tebow – 2/8 passsing, 69 yards.  How does the opposing QB have a stat line like that and walk off your field with a win. They had all week to prepare for a high-school playbook yet somehow still allowed 4.9 ypc to the Broncos.  There is a reason that the option does not show up in the NFL, the defenses are too fast and too strong.  Except for the Chiefs defense I guess.  With that said the D got enough stops for us to win.  The other side of the ball was just awful for the Chiefs.  This is not a great Broncos defense.  They blitzed and blitzed and blitzed and the Chiefs never [Read more...]