Arrowheadlines: Chiefs Links 11-17-11

KC Star: Chiefs' Stanzi A Step Closer To Taking The Field As A Rookie QB "We have to get Tyler Palko ready to go," Haley said. "That's the same issue we had with Matt. We still have to give the No. 2 a couple of snaps in each period to make sure that we're at least giving him a chance to not only see the game plan but feel it a little bit. We'll stay kind of status quo that way." In New England on Monday night, Stanzi will be more than just a sideline bystander. "My role has kind of been amped up and I have to respond to that," he said. "When you're inactive, there's no chance of playing. Now there is. That's a different responsibility altogether, a different mentality."   Washington Post: Chiefs Take Patchwork Offense On The Road For Monday Night Game Vs Patriots The Kansas City Chiefs will lean on a journeyman quarterback, a running back who's spent most of his career on special teams and a tight end who has a hard time catching when the play at New England on [Read more...]

Chiefs Grades – November 13th vs Broncos

  Well, the word is getting out.  Blitz the Chiefs and the game is over.  Miami did it last week and Denver picked up right where the Dolphins left off.  The Chiefs seemingly have no answer for it and I don’t think one is coming soon.  The O-line isn’t good enough to pick it up and Matt Cassel can’t make reads quick enough to make defenses pay for blitzing.  That game was embarrassing. Coaching F Tim Tebow – 2/8 passsing, 69 yards.  How does the opposing QB have a stat line like that and walk off your field with a win. They had all week to prepare for a high-school playbook yet somehow still allowed 4.9 ypc to the Broncos.  There is a reason that the option does not show up in the NFL, the defenses are too fast and too strong.  Except for the Chiefs defense I guess.  With that said the D got enough stops for us to win.  The other side of the ball was just awful for the Chiefs.  This is not a great Broncos defense.  They blitzed and blitzed and blitzed and the Chiefs never [Read more...]

Chiefs have a 14.7% chance to win the West

Even after the Chiefs defeated the Chargers on Monday night creating a 3-way tie in the division, most football experts still see the Chargers in the driver's seat of the AFC West, this includes ESPN's super duper computers.  Bill Williamson of ESPN crunched the numbers for his AFC West blog projecting the Chargers with 9.2 wins, Raiders 8.7, Chiefs 7.8, and Broncos 4.8.  This gives the Chargers a 50.7% chance to win the division and the Chiefs only a 14.7% chance to win it.  Not sure if the computer is taking Todd Haley's beard into account.   Here's the link to the article. The Charger's division to lose?    

Thank you Arrowhead and thank you Phyllis Rivers

Crowd, Rivers help Chiefs win fourth straight, grab first-place lead Never apologize for a victory. Ever. A win is a win. But the Chiefs really should thank Chargers quarterback Phyllis Rivers for the ball, and the game away -- a game that I was looking forward to more than any other Chiefs game in a long, long time -- Monday night at Arrowhead in the Chiefs 23-20 overtime win. And, wow was it one of the most memorable games in franchise history. From Rivers OMG moment, when he fumbled away a sure victory in one of the biggest choke jobs in NFL history, to him crying and whining around, yelling at his teammates, to him wording "worst day ever" in the waning moments of the Chiefs victory. Here is video of the fumble... It was a haunting Halloween for Rivers, who turned the ball over three times and continues to lead the NFL in turnovers. He has 11 interceptions and just 7 TD's on the season. He started the game 2-for-8 with two picks, but rallied San Diego from 10-0, [Read more...]

Derrick Johnson named AFC Defensive Player of the Week

For the second straight week, a Chiefs defensive player has earned Player of the Week Honors. Linebacker Derrick Johnson was all over the field Monday night in the Chiefs 23-20 overtime win over division rival San Diego, recording 16 tackles, one sack and an interception. It was Johnson's fourth career AFC Defensive Player of the Week Honor in his career. Last week teammate Brandon Flowers picked off two passes - the second a pick-6 TD to put the Raiders away for good in Oakland - to earn Defensive Player of the Week Honors. The Chiefs defense has forced 10 turnovers in the last two weeks -- 8 interception's (three by Flowers).  

Win or lose, sports offer “normalcy” and sense of community for Joplin

JOPLIN -- We have all seen the photos, the scenes of destruction, the death, the seemingly aftermath of a War Zone. Picking up the pieces has not been easy, but an amazing humanitarian and volunteer effort has helped. They say sports is a reprieve and helps return those in times of disaster and tragedy to normalcy, or at least distract them from reality, at least for a few hours. This is certainly the case down in Joplin, where the football team has become a symbol for the residents and the students of Joplin High. Here is a great piece from ESPN's "Outside the Lines" And some of our local teams have done their part in giving their helping hand. In the days after the devastating EF5 tornado, the Chiefs held a disaster relief fund in the parking lot of the Truman Sports Complex, collecting thousands of dollars, waters and goods for the city. They also went to Joplin to help out in the relief effort. But Matt Cassel and the Chiefs didn't stop there when helping the students [Read more...]

Chiefs intercept Raiders, roll 28-0 to set-up Halloween Night, Monday night showdown with Chargers at Arrowhead

Brian Graham & Andrew Cangelose, KC SportsNation OAKLAND, Cal -- Not one, not two, not three, but six times the Chiefs picked off Oakland quarterbacks Sunday, leading to a 28-0 route, pulling the Chiefs within a game of first-place and setting up a first-place showdown Monday at Arrowhead against the first-place San Diego Chargers (4-2). The six interceptions alone were enough to win the game as two were brought back for touchdowns -- Kendrick Lewis a 59-yarder tight-roped down the sideline from Kyle Boller on the first drive of the game and a Brandon Flowers's 58-yarder to give the Chiefs a 28-0 lead in the fourth quarter.

Well, hello there

While Raiders fans say F-you with a simple gesture, Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers says "F-You" with a Pick-6 of Carson Palmer, then poses for the pleasure of the Oakland criminals, I mean thugs, I mean fans, pardon me, in the Chiefs 28-0 destruction in Oakland Saturday.

Chiefs Grade Card – Oct 9th vs. Colts: Un”Bowe”leivable

Coaching – B A tale of two halves.  Really the Chiefs comeback started with 5 minutes left in the first half which until then was dominated by the Colts.  I fully expected the Chiefs to pack it in down 17-0 in the middle of the 2nd quarter.  Credit goes to Haley and the coaching staff for making adjustments and keeping this team motivated to execute a comeback win.  The first half offensive play calling has been suspect all year, and today was no different.  Luckily we played another bad team that let us back into the game.   The offense was too predictable, electing to run most first and second downs.  Inexplicably, we kept trying to run McCluster outside right into the strength of the small but fast Colts defense.  It took being in a 17-0 hole, to open up the playbook, leading to two touchdown drives before halftime. In the second half the Chiefs looked like the team from last year, as they were able to run the ball and make big plays in the passing game.  The defense was torched [Read more...]