Chiefs Grade Card – Oct 9th vs. Colts: Un”Bowe”leivable

Coaching – B A tale of two halves.  Really the Chiefs comeback started with 5 minutes left in the first half which until then was dominated by the Colts.  I fully expected the Chiefs to pack it in down 17-0 in the middle of the 2nd quarter.  Credit goes to Haley and the coaching staff for making adjustments and keeping this team motivated to execute a comeback win.  The first half offensive play calling has been suspect all year, and today was no different.  Luckily we played another bad team that let us back into the game.   The offense was too predictable, electing to run most first and second downs.  Inexplicably, we kept trying to run McCluster outside right into the strength of the small but fast Colts defense.  It took being in a 17-0 hole, to open up the playbook, leading to two touchdown drives before halftime. In the second half the Chiefs looked like the team from last year, as they were able to run the ball and make big plays in the passing game.  The defense was torched [Read more...]

The Very Unofficial Transcript of Cassel vs. Haley

    Andrew Cangelose, KC SportsNation   Lip reading is of course an inexact science (see Seinfeld Season 5: The Lip Reader).  With that said, here is my unofficial transcript of the heated exchange between Cassel and Haley: Cassel jogs off the field after throwing a ball into the ground after a busted screen play.  Haley gestures with his finger for Cassel to come hither. Haley:  Matt are you alright?  I thought I saw your penis and balls fall off on the field somewhere.  We should probably call a time out, check the replay, get an usher out there to look for them. Cassel: What? Haley: Your dong and donuts.  You lost 'em?  Cause your playing like a (bleep) ! Cassel:  (Bleep) you! Cassel goes to the bench to retrieve his hat.  He’s obviously been practicing placing the hat on his head since last week, as he successfully gets it to stick on the first try.  He walks back up to Haley. Cassel:  Don’t call me a (bleep)!  Haley:  [Read more...]

Chiefs Grade Card – Oct. 2nd vs. Vikings

Chiefs Grades vs. Vikings Matt Cassel – C Looked a little like Matt Cassel from last year.  Would be good enough to win more games if we still had Jamal Charles, but even Cassel’s best efforts aren’t going to lead this team to very many victories. Dexter McCluster – C Nothing spectacular still.  But no fumbles. Thomas Jones – D+ Doesn’t seem to be hitting the hole as hard this year.  For as tough as he’s advertised, he sure does go down easily.

This is what happens when you lose to the Chiefs

Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian engages in Twitter war with lawmaker/handicapped war veteran Courtesy: It's fair to say that frustration is boiling over in Minnesota, after the Vikings dropped to 0-4 Sunday with a 22-17 loss to the previously winless Kansas City Chiefs. After the game, reported that veteran Minnesota receiver Bernard Berrian engaged in a Twitter war with a few people, among them a state lawmaker who has co-authored a bill to aid the construction of a new stadium for the team. After Berrian responded angrily to fans who criticized his production -- he has just two catches for 37 yards this season -- Rep. John Kriesel, R-Cottage Grove, chimed in. "If you want to follow a hilarious twitter account, try @B_Twice (Bernard Berrian) who says that he's open a lot and should get the ball more," Kriesel wrote on [Read more...]

Chiefs Grade Card – Sept 25th vs. Chargers

    Andrew Cangelose, KC SportsNation CHIEFS GRADES - Game 3 vs Chargers Matt Cassel - F Fumble on the play.  The coaches are consistently calling running plays on 3rd and long.  You don’t do that if you have a good quarterback.  He played decently in the 2nd half but erased everything with a bullet pass into Eric Weddle’s crouch to end the game.

Chiefs Grade Card – Sept 18th vs. Detroit Lions

Matt Cassel – F Cassel is confirming what I’ve suspected for a long while.  He’s not that good.  Watching the two opposing quarterbacks we’ve played so far has me feeling like a jaded housewife locked into a passionless marriage longing for the strong arms of a Fitzpatrick or Stafford to sweep me away.   In case you don’t get my point, I’d rather have about 28 other league quarterbacks right now over Matt Cassel. Jamal Charles' Knee - F I wish I could blame that damn Lions’ mascot but it appears the injury occurred before he rolled into that silly Lion.  Sadly I would feel a little better if that mascot also tore his ACL.