Border War Final Chapter, Part 1 Photos, Quotes & Links

Denmon went Thomas Gradner/Clarence Gilbert, hitting 6-of-9 3's and scoring 29 points. He scored 9 of Missouri's 11 points in the game-ending 11-0 run. Steve Moore drew one of two Kansas charges in the final 3 minutes. "STEEEEEEEEVE" is a fan favorite. Kim English scored a quiet 18 points and despite giving up six incehs, held 7-footer Jeff Withey to no points and one shot attempt. Mike Dixon offered what he thought the MU's feelings about Kansas were on College GameDay Dixon drew a charge - and then hit two free throws with 9.8 seconds left to put Mizzou up 74-71. Dixon scored 15 points on 4-of-5 shooting. He has 36 points on 13-of-15 shooting the last two games. Thomas Robinson was a beast, scoring 25 points with 13 rebounds - his 15th double-double of the season. He scored 21 points in the second half. Tyshawn Taylor played a great 37 minutes - but a poor final three, with a charge, a turnover and two Christian Moodly-like free throws. He scored 21 points, 17 in the first [Read more...]

Border War “Hate Week” 11-25-11: KU billboards in KC, open hate letter to KU and more

Unfortunately, no good trash-talk quotes the past couple of days, but don't worry, I have some fun stuff for you, still. Here is an open letter to KU and their fans. Enjoy! Dear Kansas fans, students and citizens: Let's cut to the chase...I don't like you. I've never liked you. I have friends who are ku fans, and I don't really like them either. Chances are, my parents didn't like your parents, and chances are also that a great-grandparent of mine shot at a great grandparent of yours. For generations, this "rivalry" has existed away from the spotlight, behind the seedy, dingy curtain of humanity..away from the Iron Bowls and glares of ESPN lights. Many people say that the Mizzou vs. kansas rivalry isn't that powerful because the two never really played for anything meaningful. I say, this is what made it MORE of a rivalry. ANYBODY can "hate" on their opponent or insert a bad word into their fight song about them or poison their bushes/trees/shrubs or whatever "big name" [Read more...]

Hate Week News, Notes and Links: 11-24-11

TJ Moe is in the middle of it again, this year. The outspoken Tiger displays his hatred of KU well, and after his "I hate them...everytime I see a KU shirt I want to burn it" comments last year, he was told to not say much this year, but he still did... "I don’t like them," Moe said. "I can’t give them credit for anything. They don’t have an advantage anywhere." That quote has some truth to it, as KU will certainly be overmatched in almost every area Saturday, but the junior receiver provides more bulletin board material. Several Kansas players hada chance to respond, but most passed, except for Kansas linebacker Steven Johnson: "He said that? That just throws a little bit more coal on my fire." *** Moe, when asked about the rivalry said, "I didn't watch a whole lot of college football growing up, but when I did, it was Missouri-Kansas. It's a pretty special thing. It's been so close. It's almost tied up for the 100-something years we've been playing. It's just fun and [Read more...]

Border War “Hate Week” News, Notes and Quotes Daily Links 11-22-11

Whether or not it is the last MU-KU game for the foreseeable future, one thing is certain. These teams hate each other. Last year, it was wide receiver TJ Moe sounding off with, "I hate them. I don't think it matters where you're from. I've been a Mizzou fan my whole life and from day one...every time I see a "Kansas" shirt, I just want to burn it." On Monday Moe let his teammates do the talking and Senior tight end Andrew Jones had his turn. "I don't feel sorry for them at all (about their 2-9, 0-8 Big 12 record)," said the Smithville native. "I wouldn't feel sorry for them at all if they go 0-12 every year for the rest of their existence." On Saturday defensive end Michael Sam sounded off, "Kansas. It’s a big game not just for us but for our whole state. And we’re just gonna go out there and beat their Jayhawks’ ass.” Yesterday Missouri interim head coach/defensive coordinator Dave Steckel said, "My brother went to Kansas,” Steckel said. “I love my brother. I don’t talk [Read more...]

Smile KC, its a feel-good Monday

Happy Monday, Kansas City. It’s a great day to be a Kansas Citian. The Chiefs and Kansas were embarrassed, "Vicious" Victor Ortiz was ko'd by Money Mayweather's sucker-punch, the Royals lost their winning streak, and oh yeah, the Big 12 Conference is ready to implode as Conference Armageddon is upon us. Which was worse the Chiefs pitiful loss or Kansas epic record-setting loss? If you are a KU and Chiefs fan, I feel for yeah, this had to be one of the worst weekends you’ve experienced, EVER. The Chiefs got embarrassed 48-3 at Detroit Sunday, their second straight blowout loss. But that’s not the biggest loss. Jamaal Charles is done for the season with a torn ACL, marking consecutive weeks the Chiefs have lost a Pro Bowler with a season-ending ACL injury. It’s going to be a long season for the Chiefs (0-2) without Charles and their best defensive player (Eric Berry).

Missouri Western players save toddler

Associated Press ST. JOSEPH, Mo. -- Missouri Western players save toddler out of a locked car on a day when temperatures reached 95 degrees. Defensive backs Jack Long and Shane Simpson were driving away from football practice on Aug. 23 when they saw a woman frantically beating on the window of a car. They decided to turn around and see if they could help. "We thought she maybe had locked her keys in the car, but then thought that was kind of an extreme thing to do for keys," said Long. When they stopped, Teresa Gall told them she had accidentally locked her 17-month-old grandson, Liam, in the car -- with the keys. "I was panicked and horrified," Gall told KSHB-TV. "He was crying and getting sick, and I couldn't get to him." She and other family members weren't able to break the window while Liam was throwing up and beginning to lose consciousness. "I couldn't believe it. We were hitting the glass as hard as we could and nothing," Gall said. "All I could think was [Read more...]