The Ultimate Fictional 25-man roster

C - Crash Davis (Bull Durham): Davis got a cup of coffee early in his career, which he labeled as the “greatest 21 days of my life.” He spends the rest of his career trying to make it back. Shockingly, that the 37-year-old switch-hitter who holds the fictitious record for most minor-league home runs, would be exiled to a lifetime of minor-league servitude is a stretch. He is a baseball man and obviously a future manager. He would also be a perfect catcher as he gets to mentor the young two pitchers at the front end of the rotation and after his career in the minors, would be happy just to be there. His switch-hitting bat would give him the edge to start here. First Basemen - We could not decide on a starter here, so we’ll go with a two-man timeshare. Lou Collins (Little Big League): Easily the most underrated fictional baseball player of all time. Does not have great power, but the career Twin is an RBI machine. A good glove. Clutch. Jack Elliot (Mr. Baseball): A World Series MVP [Read more...]