Only if Jim Bowden’s proposed Royals-Astros trade was real…

Since April, we have been talking about the idea of the Royals trading for Giancarlo Stanton. It has been talked about at times by the local – and national media – so, it is, at least, somewhat of a “trade rumor.” Now, we bring you another. So ESPN’s, and former Nationals GM, Jim Bowden wrote a column today called penned a column at titled "Five blockbuster trades I'd like to see. So, I guess it isn’t even really a trade rumor, but… Bowden’s proposed deal was: 2B Johnny Giavotella and minor leaguers OF Bubba Starling, SS Orlando Calxite, C Sam Gallagher and P’s Jason Adam and Sam Selman for Astros 2B Jose Altuve (an All-Star last year), OF/1B Chris Carter and starting pitcher Bud Norris. Now, lets pretend this was a real potential trade. DO IT NOW. Gio would likely be the second baseman – at least until Delino DeShields, Jr. were ready in a few years – but there is no other guy (they were all Top 20 Royals prospects before the season started) that will be missed in that [Read more...]

Multiple beanings and bench clearing + a brawl in LA last night…and it was fantastic

In case you missed it last night, Zack Greinke induced a brawl for the second time this season…this time because he was drilled. It was the fourth hit by pitch of the game that finally did the trick. Diamondbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy hit Greinke in the head an inning after Greinke hit Arizona catcher Miguel Montero in the back, which was retaliation for Yasiel Puig getting hit in the face in the sixth, which was, of course, retaliation of Greinke hitting Cody Ross. The first two seemed accidental, the later two were certainly intentional…and it is very taboo to bean a pitcher (unless he hit the pitcher earlier) – especially up near the head. Then, all hell broke loose, which you can see here: The benches also cleared after Greinke hit Montero. It was curious why Greinke came up to hit in the first place especially since he did not come back out for the next inning. After he was beaned, he also slid hard into second base, breaking up a double play pissing off shortstop Didi [Read more...]

Numbers dont lie: Royals annual lack of power = the K’s misconception as a “tough” HR park

The KC Star’s Sam Mellinger did a piece last week indicating that Kauffman Stadium is a hitters park despite its reputation as a pitcher friendly park. I continued to insist that its size may make it a hitter friendly park, but it was near the bottom in yielding homeruns. I looked earlier this season when arguing with my friend Tim, who said it was because the Royals just don’t hit any, so it skews the number. What I found was Kauffman Stadium over the last 10 seasons finished near the bottom of the AL and only once outside of the lower third in MLB in HR's allowed. At the time, that was sufficient research for me. I also stated there is a reason we hit more on the road than at home every year (more on this below) and it is because our park. But, I started thinking about it again today, and after more extensive research, I may be wrong about how tough it is to hit HR’s at the K, and it is in fact, its a misconception. One reason this is the case is there is no cheap place in the [Read more...]

This stuff is awesome and made us laugh, you should like it too (5/27/13)

Some awesome stuff from the past week, some sports related, some not. Enjoy. There are all sorts of mistakes in this one, brought to you by our very own Fox Sorts Kansas City. I guess they are taking after the very team they broadcast. How many mistakes can you find? Instead of Bryce Harper they named him “Bryce Hunter.” Bryce Harper plays for the Washington Nationals and not the Detroit Tigers. They listed Matt Harvey as “Matt Jones.” Matt Harvey plays for the New York Mets and not for the Baltimore Orioles. They got Manny Machado’s name correct, but then put him on the Chicago White Sox instead of the Orioles. I am not sure if this is foreshadowing, but as of right now superstar Mike Trout is currently a member of the Los Angeles Angels and not the New York Yankees. And there was this gem from Thursday night as a fan ran onto the field at the K…and stole the rosin bag: This is the best rosin bag incident this year since the Pirates April Fools joke on pitcher AJ [Read more...]

Video: David Ortiz with best F-bomb of all-time

"Big Papi" David Ortiz returned to the Boston lineup in time for the the Red Sox first game at Fenway since the Boston Marathon bombings and the best part of the over-the-top pre-game ceremony was David Ortiz's f-bomb on national TV in a "touching speech" to the sold-out Fenway. I had to watch it three times just to make sure it is really what he said. Enjoy:

Todd Frazier goes yard for Down Syndrome Bat Boy, mass hysteria ensues

Reds third baseman Todd Frazier hit a HR last time Teddy Kremer, an adult with Down Dyndrome was the team's bat boy. He made such an impression last time he did it last summer, that he was invited back. something he also did for the team one game last summer, and he made such an impression that he was invited back. And Frazier homered again - a 421-foot bomb to dead center - this time after Kremer's request. "He is so funny. He said, 'Hit me a home run, man, I love you.' I said, 'I love you, too. I'll hit you one.' It was great," Frazier said. "I started smiling before I hit home plate." "It was pretty special," Frazier said of the night. "It's something I'll remember, because he is such a nice guy." Before the game, Kremer, with manager Dusty Baker, brought out the lineup card vs. Miami and stood next to him and Frazier during the singing of the national anthem.

Four-years ago today: Mizzou knocks off Marquette with two English FT’s, advances to Sweet 16 en route to Elite 8

Don’t worry Missouri fans, this will cheer you up after yesterday’s first round loss to Colorado St. From the archives, freshman Kim English capped off a then career-game with two free throws after spending the majority of the second half on the bench, with 5.5 seconds remaining when he came in for an injured JT Tiller after a foul. English scored 17 points in just 12 minutes, scoring 15 in a 4 ½-minute scoring frenzy in the first half. The win propelled 3-seeded Missouri into the West Regional semifinals in Phoenix against No. 2-seeded Memphis. LINKS ESPN: English Proves Clutch, James struggles in return ESPN: English steps up to be Tigers Hero