All-Divisional AFC West team

Today, I reveal a team made up of purely AFC West players - those that have played exceptionally well, but may or may not be nationally recognized my the media. Agree or disagree? Comment below, or, hit us up on Twitter! Quarterback Philip Rivers (San Diego Chargers) Normally it would be Peyton Manning listed here, but after the end of last season, I am convinced he is no longer the best quarterback in the division. That position goes to Philip Rivers, who had an outstanding season in 2014, on the heels of a really good 2013. Rivers ranked Top 10 in attempts (570), completions (359), Yards (4,826), touchdown passes (31) as well as completion percentage and yards per attempt. He did have a NFL-worst 18 interceptions, but Rivers has always thrown a high number of interceptions (seven seasons of double-digit interceptions). In his defense, six of those came in two games. He has not had an elite offensive unit in some time, and he makes the most with what he is given (Keenan Allen, [Read more...]

Kansas City concludes draft with interesting draft picks

John Dorsey, Clark Hunt, and Andy Reid concluded a solid draft with some relatively unknown players. Not well known players, but ones expected to contribute if they make the 53 man roster. The Chiefs hope that, like the drafts over the previous two years, some gems will be found in the later rounds. With their fourth round pick they selected Georgia linebacker (outside in college, inside in the 3-4 scheme) Ramik Wilson. With Derrick Johnson currently 33 years old and coming off an ACL injury, the Chiefs had to address the inside linebacker position. Wilson recorded 253 tackles during his four-year career at Georgia, including a SEC-best 133 in 2013 while earning All-SEC honors in his junior season. He's the fourth player taken by the Chiefs from that school in the last three years (Sanders Commings, Aaron Murray, and Chris Conley coming before him). In the fifth round, the Chiefs selected Oregon State linebacker D.J Alexander and Illinois State tight end James O' Shaughnessy. [Read more...]

Chiefs draft three on Day 2, including local Mizzou product Mitch Morse

Last night, Rounds 2 and 3 of the NFL Draft were completed, and with the Kansas City Chiefs holding 3 picks, it was expected of John Dorsey to land game-changing pieces. With the 49th selection in the 2nd round, the Chiefs drafted Missouri guard/center Mitch Morse - the two of two Mizzou players drafted in the second round (WR Dorial Green Beckham No, 40 to Tennessee and DE Markus Golden No. 49 to Arizona). Without a quality center on the roster, it was expected of the Chiefs to address the position during the draft. When they would pull the trigger, however, no one knew. While many Chiefs fans were outraged and shocked by the selection (although Missouri fans were at the same time happy) because Morse went higher than projected. But, I believe it is an excellent pick. Firstly, he is versatile. In 2011, he played in all 13 games mostly on the placekicking protection unit. In 2012, he became a starter at center, but then moved out to right tackle as injuries struck the team. In 2013, [Read more...]

Getting to know Chiefs first round pick (18th overall) Marcus Peters + Draft Day thoughts, more

Well, I'm 0-for-1 in my Mock Draft. I had the Chiefs taking Florida State's center Cameron Erving. Instead, they took Washington corner Marcus Peters 18th overall. Not that I'm surprised, however. With the increase in passing the ball, one or two good corners is no longer enough. Sean Smith is one of the NFL's best cornerbacks, but Philip Gaines, who shared No. 2 corner duties with Jamell Fleming and Marcus Cooper last season, is  better suited for the slot. The Chiefs needed a physical cornerback who could play opposite Sean Smith, who is also in a contract year. Chiefs defensive back coach Emmitt Thomas has worked wonders with the secondary, turning average players into productive starters. Marcus Peters was dismissed from Washington last season due to flare ups with the coaching staff and general immaturity, but his abilities in man coverage cannot be overlooked. Peters has great size (6'0, 198 lbs.), and he has the physical ability to take out receivers will only make the Chiefs [Read more...]

NFL hires Sarah Thomas as first female official; should MLB follow suit?

Friday is now a day that will go down in sports history. On Friday April 3rd, 2015, the NFL announced that Sarah Thomas would be the first female official in the league. This would make the NFL the second of the big three American sports that have at least one female referee/official. The only other major U.S sport that doesn’t have a female official is the MLB. It’s been a long time coming for the NFL, and now that it’s happened, is it time for baseball to follow suit? For years, women have fought for equal rights and opportunities. It’s the 21st century, and for the most part, things are equal. There are, however, naysayers to the whole ordeal. Why though? If a woman can serve in the military, why shouldn’t she be able to be a referee in professional sports? Sure, women can’t be directly involved in combat, but they’re likely put into the situation some day. They make decisions that can have a huge impact on how a fight is won and lost. Newsflash: It’s not the 1930s anymore. Get [Read more...]

Chiefs select Dee Ford + other takeaway’s from Day 1 of the 2014 NFL Draft

Jeff Kirby, KC SportsNation What an opening night to the 2014 NFL draft. It was as exciting as any in recent memory, and it certainly didn't disappoint. With the No. 23 pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Chiefs selected Auburn defensive end Dee Ford - a speed rusher off the edge who can really get after the quarterback, solidifying the pass rush with a legit third pass rusher. Ford, who will shift to the 3-4 pass rushing DE for the Chiefs, was big time in crunch time for Auburn in 2013, sacking Johnny Manziel on the final two drives vs Texas A&M, performed well in the SEC title game versus Mizzou and the National Championship Game, registering 10.5 sacks and a second best in the SEC 28.5 QB hurries. This is the 10th time in 12 years as a NFL Head Coach that Andy Reid has taken an offensive or defensive lineman in the first round of the NFL Draft, however, it was still a bit surprising to see the Chiefs shy away from taking an offensive skill player with so much talent on the [Read more...]

The Return of the Rambling Idiot: 7 on 7 spring football, overhauling the Pro Bowl and the circus known as recruiting

Tom Hanken, KC SportsNation It is July and football season is, right around the corner. Even though we all love baseball, we still get that football itch before the coals from the Fourth of July barbeque cool. This led me to a think why the NFL offseason seems so long, when comparing to the other major sports, it certainly is. The NBA begins at the end of October and runs until Mid-June (roughly eight months, four months of off-season and pre-season). The NBA also feels longer because the moment the finals are over we jump right into the draft and free agency. So, one could say that it runs into July because there is no break from season to offseason action – basically a nine-month season.  MLB runs from very end of February to the middle of October, nearly eight months. NHL runs from October until July; roughly 10 months with a two-month of off-season. Two. The NFL runs from August (training camp opens in late July) until the beginning of February, a little over six months. Six very, [Read more...]

With the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Chiefs select…?

Its an hour and a half until the Chiefs are officially on the clock with the first pick of the 2013 NFL Draft. Who is it going to be? Well, of course in typical Kansas City fashion, the year that one of our team’s have the top pick in the draft – it’s the worst draft class in 8-10 years (ala when Luke Hochevar was picked No. 1 overall by the Royals). After weeks, even months, of experts predicting it will be Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel, it now appears it may be a lesser-known LT – Central Michigan’s Eric Fisher. Reports indicate that the Chiefs – if they do not trade out of the No. 1 spot – have already decided who that No. 1 pick is, and fingers are pointing to Fisher. And, with Fisher’s name as the top pick being leaked, it would make sense to gather that trading out of the top pick would seem rather unlikely. Why all of a sudden Fisher? Recently, I thought the Chiefs would draft Fisher if franchise-tagged Brenden Albert was not traded to the Dolphins, because he is [Read more...]

Have you seen this Norwegian trick-shot kicker “kickalicious” the Lions signed? You should

If you haven’t heard of Norwegian kicker Havard Rugland, you should have. He’s the dude who became a YouTube sensation by kicking footballs from the beach into the ocean, which sounds like a really easy thing to do. Even his competition for the Lions kicking job this upcoming season David Akers, who went from breaking the 49ers’ team scoring record in 2011 to almost losing his job last year, could hit the ocean from the beach. But…have you seen this guy?