This stuff is awesome and made us laugh, you should like it too (5/27/13)

Some awesome stuff from the past week, some sports related, some not. Enjoy. There are all sorts of mistakes in this one, brought to you by our very own Fox Sorts Kansas City. I guess they are taking after the very team they broadcast. How many mistakes can you find? Instead of Bryce Harper they named him “Bryce Hunter.” Bryce Harper plays for the Washington Nationals and not the Detroit Tigers. They listed Matt Harvey as “Matt Jones.” Matt Harvey plays for the New York Mets and not for the Baltimore Orioles. They got Manny Machado’s name correct, but then put him on the Chicago White Sox instead of the Orioles. I am not sure if this is foreshadowing, but as of right now superstar Mike Trout is currently a member of the Los Angeles Angels and not the New York Yankees. And there was this gem from Thursday night as a fan ran onto the field at the K…and stole the rosin bag: This is the best rosin bag incident this year since the Pirates April Fools joke on pitcher AJ [Read more...]

Photo: Tim Duncan and Tony Parker’s response to ridiculous league fine

Remember when the NBA fined the Spurs $250,000 for sitting four starters - Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker and Danny Green - in their only trip to Miami this season last week? This was Duncan's and Parker's response: That's right, Duncan is dressed as The Punisher and Tony Parker is dressed as The Punisher with an eye-patch. This will likely be enough to hit them with another hefty fine for simulating murdering a league official. Good stuff. [Busted Coverage]