College Football Ramblings: Week 4

Tom Hanken Top 4: Florida State, Oregon, Auburn, Oklahoma Heisman Front Runners: QB Marcus Mariota (Oregon), QB Kenny Hill (Texas A&M), RB Todd Gurley (Georgia), RB Ameer Abdullah (Nebraska), RB Melvin Gordon (Wisconsin The Pac 12 continues to gain on the SEC. This week Utah won big at The Big House, 26-10, which only looks good because their resume will say they beat Michigan. But Michigan is awful and has not gotten up from their face plant in South Bend. Indiana had a big upset win at Missouri, which a lot of us are still trying to figure out how that happened. The B1G needs to have Nebraska, Penn St, Michigan St, Wisconsin, and Ohio St run away and hide from the rest of the conference. They may be able to salvage this season as a conference if those teams only lose good games to each other. I think the conference can save face if these four have good seasons. I wonder what effect Hoke’s performance from now till the end of the season will have on the Harbaugh-49er [Read more...]

The Rambling Idiot: Reflection on the first three weeks of college football season

Tom Hanken Top 4: Florida State, Oregon, Auburn, Oklahoma Heisman Front Runners: Mariota, Winston, Hill, Gurley The 2014 College Football Season is 3 weeks old and we already have a whole conference essentially eliminate itself. In the preseason I picked Michigan State make an appearance in the College Football semi-finals; the fact that they won’t make is more of a knock against the B1G conference then it is against Michigan State. The B1G is off to a horrendous start and it cripples their top teams. They could still rebound and the top teams could have good seasons, but we will not be able to tell until bowl season. Nebraska, a team that plays with focus (against McNeese they were not focused) could be very good, host Miami (FL) this week has a chance to provide the conference with a marque win. With a win it is expected that Nebraska will head into East Lansing undefeated for a potential top 10 match-up. Ohio State and Wisconsin both took early losses on the chin and look like [Read more...]

The Return of the Rambling Idiot: 7 on 7 spring football, overhauling the Pro Bowl and the circus known as recruiting

Tom Hanken, KC SportsNation It is July and football season is, right around the corner. Even though we all love baseball, we still get that football itch before the coals from the Fourth of July barbeque cool. This led me to a think why the NFL offseason seems so long, when comparing to the other major sports, it certainly is. The NBA begins at the end of October and runs until Mid-June (roughly eight months, four months of off-season and pre-season). The NBA also feels longer because the moment the finals are over we jump right into the draft and free agency. So, one could say that it runs into July because there is no break from season to offseason action – basically a nine-month season.  MLB runs from very end of February to the middle of October, nearly eight months. NHL runs from October until July; roughly 10 months with a two-month of off-season. Two. The NFL runs from August (training camp opens in late July) until the beginning of February, a little over six months. Six very, [Read more...]