What if Mizzou was already in the SEC?

RockMNation has brilliantly put together a season-by-season analysis of Missouri football if it were in the SEC (Texas A&M, too), dating back to 1992-93, when the SEC expanded with Arkansas and South Carolina, a few years ahead of the formation of the Big 12. Intro If you are a long-time reader, you knew this series was coming. To gauge the impact of something on the future, I tend to look at how things would have been affected in the past. We've heard about how the SEC is a major step up in football competition, and we know it will represent a significant change for Mizzou in terms of both football culture and rivalry. So to get a read for just how much things might change, we are going to flash back. And since Mizzou's move to the SEC a) has actually happened (unlike certain old "What If ... Big Ten" pieces) and b) is a really, really big deal, we're going to take this thing back a long way. In 1992, Arkansas and South Carolina began play in a 12-team SEC. It was the first [Read more...]

Enough about football, SEC’s reaction to Mizzou basketball

Some of the SEC Rivals writers commented on what the impact of what Mizzou basketball will have on the SEC. Jeffrey Lee of AuburnSports.com: "I see Missouri being an instant competitor in the conference. Missouri should give the conference another perennial contender to make the NCAA Tournament." Steve Patterson of UGASports.com: "This is an area where Missouri will flourish. While the SEC has been strong in hoops of late; Missouri, aside from Kentucky, has to be licking its chops when looking at the league. The Tigers will bolster a league that has been trying to shed its "helmet head" stamp for years." Bryan Lazare of TigerBait.com: "Basketball is a different situation. Missouri probably brings more passion for basketball than most teams in e SEC. The only schools which are truly passionate about basketball in the SEC are Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Arkansas. Support for the Hogs has gone down with a lack of success. If Missouri continues to put an emphasis on [Read more...]